Help pricing this job



I’m trying to get the hang of pricing window cleaning in Colorado.

I have a property manager that wants for me to clean a commercial building for him. I’ve been trained to clean windows but have never been involved with the invoicing end until now.

I don’t want to overcharge him or sell myself short as he has plenty of work lined up for me and don’t want to set a bad price expectation for future jobs.

I would like to clean both sides of each pane but still would like to give him a full and single pane pricing. Cleaning screens as well.

There are a total of 36 2nd story windows and 38 ground level. 74- 2x4 windows. All have screens

I attached a pic of the building.

Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


one time clean, 1st floor

  • outside $3 per pane
  • inside $2 per pane
  • $3 per screen

2nd story

  • outside $5 per pane
  • inside $2 per pane
  • $3 per screen


In my area I would be at $850. Or around there. That’s 13 each for second level inside and out with screens, then 10 a piece for ground level inside and out with screens.


In California we’d be at about $1100 in/out for that.


Thank you so much for the help.