Help me on this bid


It’s my second season as the owner of a small window cleaning biz and I’m starting to get calls for pretty big jobs.
I’d like your opinion on this one. I klnow location mathers a lot for the pricing, but I’d like to get a general idea for that kind of building. I’d use a waterfed system.
The back of the bulding is very similar to the front.
1 side has around 24 windows, the other 8.
140 windows total front and back.
So 172 windows, with 2 panes each



It looks like the window sections are not equal in size. Are these Double Hung ?


the small ones are yes.

Most of the windows have 1 fixed pane and another hung under it according to the owner (haven’t been on site yet).


Couple of things come to mind.

1st - Many insurers only cover up to 3rd floor, after that it is considered “high rise” and can be a substantial jump in rate; what do you have? If you didn’t have WFP (or something happens to it) will you trad clean it? Price it accordingly.

2nd - Be sure to stipulate a sight-unseen-price is only ballpark and can very likely change once you are physically there to get a true assessment of the job. No shame in walking away if the job is truly over the scope of your equipment and ability.

  1. I just called my insurance company and they only cover for 4 stories, so this building would not be covered. But if I get the job I can just call them back and pay for the bump up.

If I get the bid on this one, I’ll actually use the opportunity to buy the WFP (tucker with 45ft pole). I’ve used them a lot before, never had one, but was kinda waiting for a job like this one to show up or was waiting for a better income from residential jobs before investing into one.

Honestly I don’t think I would trad clean it. I don’t even think my price would match other bidders if I were to trad clean it as it would take me several days longer + I would need to rent an elevating platform and charge extra. I know the owner of that place called several other companies who would do it with WFP.

  1. Yes, I’d really prefer to bid and make it clear it could change, because it’s a 110 km back and forth from my place to the job location (in quebec, canada).

Good advices, ty


I would price it per pane as well as figure you time and then come up with a price that works for you. Make sure you factor in any obstacles that will slow you down. Also I can help get the best wfp for the job and your area water quality. It will be hard to cover the full cost of the equipment and labor on the job and still be competitive on bidding. But you can help cover some of your cost on a wfp then you will have it for future jobs. We have several poles to choose from that will reach these windows. Call me direct 8653100728


Ty. Yes I expect to cover around half of the equipment and then have it for the other jobs.


Looks like a fun job! Are there screens? If so, see if you can take them all in from the inside, them WFP all the outsides. Probably take you 2-3 days to complete if you’re new with wfp.


The guy I talked to said no screen, no sills, only in/out ^^
So yeah looks like a great job I hope I get it.
I have a little bit of experience with WFP and we would be 2 guys so I expect to do it in 2-3 days too (travel factor is non-negligible with around 1h30-2h travel time per day)


Time is money brother. You can claim 53.5¢ per mile for gas/wear/tear on your taxes. Doesn’t really equate too well if you have maintenance issues on a vehicle. You can’t claim gas or repairs, but you can claim tolls and parking, so you hope the 53.5¢ per mile covers your expenses. 2 hours of drive time is 2 hours of hourly pay out the window; two hours of vehicle running; two hours of insured vehicle exposure. Just saying, charge enough in order to be in business next year too.