Hello from Texas


Hi y’all from the south in mid Texas.
I got small prop. maintenance biz and I now have an opportunity to add some retail store front windows to my list of services. Never did windows but I’d like to add them as it keeps me in touch more often with each tentant i.e. = more work down the road potentially.
I have questions not sure if should start a new thread or edit them in here…
Thank ya!


Welcome to the forum.

Ask your questions any way you like.

When you start a new thread just make sure you try to put your question is the proper category.


Thank you I’m on it!


Hey Texas your questions are most likely already asked and answered. At the top of the community page click on Categorize and you will see all of the different subject categorize. There is a specific one for Store Front Window Cleaning. Study those. Good Luck !!



Hello CJ and welcome to the forum!



Thank you