Having trouble bidding this job


Hey guys so I’m having some trouble bidding this job. What would you guys charge? I’m in CT they want OUTSIDE ONLY of this sun porch cleaned. Not sure if they want the roof cleaned or not.What would you charge for just the walls exterior only and both walls and roof exterior only?



For exterior only walls I would bid 80 but they would have to get a cleaning for the house too as I wouldn’t move for this amount of money.

I would offer them roof and walls exterior for 160 and it should take an hour to clean

Where are you located?


She doesn’t want the house done just the sun porch. I’m located in Connecticut. If she wants the roof done how would you tackle that? I don’t have a WFP. Do you think would I be able to use a traditional pole? It dosent seem like ide be able to set up a ladder to reach the roof.


I have only used wfps do to those kind of roofs, I truthfully have no idea how you would be able to handle that.

I will leave it to someone else to answer you


If it were me, I’m pretty sure that with that angle of you can get up on a ladder you should be able to pole those, at least if you’re experienced with a pole. :slight_smile: Me personally I’d be happy to go wash those for that price, but you could maybe push the house cleaning and offer a slight “discount” on the sun room if she does. But anyway, I don’t know where you are at as far as what you generally charge, but where I sit that seems worth it to me to do that for 160.

If you can, either use something like a fliq pad or some other multi tool and try to do it on an overcast day, otherwise you’ll have a hard time working those without the solution drying.


Looking at it again, up on a ladder you may only have to pole the top row of Windows and you could maybe reach the bottom two rows on the roof? Anyway, good luck!


I would consider this a specialty cleaning. Depending on level of dirt, I would charge 200 for walls and 200 for the roof. I have an HOA that I do now full of solariums like this but much taller and only one wall of glass, Have been using traditional poling methods and a Moerman Accelerator but for this specific one I would recommend a wfp.


I would charge about $160-180 for the walls and about $180-210 for the roof. I have a WFP so I only drag ladders around when I have to. I don’t have very much advice for traditional.