Gutter cleaning water sprayer/wand


I am looking for a replacement for my gutter cleaning tool of choice. It is no longer available. I have used ones like this for a few years and love them. It fits right in the gutter and you can push it 20 feet either way. Or you stand on the roof and walk along spraying most stuff down the downspout.

This is a link to the one i use

If the picture does not work


On a pressure washer we have a tool like that that attaches to a pressure washing wand
Also if you have a good amount of gutter jobs the gutter vacuum could pay for itself and keep you off ladders


If we’re going to flush the gutters, we use a “little big shot” nozzle from home depot



How do you like it so far, does it produce good psi?


Just went to HD picked up one, it’s has plenty of psi hooked up to a normal house spigot.


It’s a very nice/ easy tool to use - fast


Yup, its great for down spout flushing for sure! Small and compact.