Greasy fingerprints on windows


Hey guys! Just little curious what is the best in your opinions with getting greasy fingerprints off windows? Our company sometime uses dawn soup. Just curious what everyone’s opinion was.


I’ve been using gg4 with Ecover or Dawn. Both work great. Kids get their fingerprints everywhere!!


A damp microfiber towel works well.


Pizza restaurants are the worst. I like Dawn too. Just add some ammonia or even a little TSP. You can also boost the sodium hydroxide in the Dawn just a very little. A safer solution is to add a very little bit of an optical silica from a company like Unimin. They are listed in the left column of my blog. It is always a time saver when you don’t have to go back to detail those leftover smudges !!!



It works every time.


Magic eraser works really well too.


A damp microfiber will take just about anything off and unlike the erasers, it doesn’t wear out.

Not a dry microfiber, not a wet microfiber, but a damp microfiber is the sweetness.


I used to clean a few barbecue places and they were pretty bad, I used to walk through when I first got there and spray the hand and finger prints with a shot of spray away. Then by the time I got to the window to clean it the prints were gone. Just clean like normal. Worked good for me.


Really cool. So many answers. I will have to try the microfiber cloth. I use the ECloth. Would however like to come up with a scrub product that becomes a part of the wetting wand/sleeve. Then we wouldn’t have to go back, wet ahead, or use extra chems. Think I know how to do it I am just looking for the right material science.