Gardiner Micro Jet Rinse Bar


Hi guys. I have just fitted the new Gardiner Micro Jet Rinse Bar released this week. Hope you enjoy


A plastic rinse bar, who would of thought of that.


That was the first thought that popped into my head, I just bit my lip. :grin:

Looks like a good product, but maybe they need to drill the jet holes smaller? Sounds like they are too big and it requires too much flow/pressure. Other than that, looks like a decent product.


While it’s true that rinse bars use more gpm’s, they should also enable you to rinse more quickly. So I’ve found that for hydrophilic glass, I use about the same amount as with standard pencil jets, and on phobic glass I use a little less water with the rinse bar.


I’m not sure about smaller hole. I think there may be too many hole so the pressure drops to much k