Foggy Windows S howing Lines?


Good morning everyone.

I probably have 150 - 200 hours under my belt in cleaning windows. When i followed up with my most recent customer i asked how the cleaning went

her response: i only noticed that mirrors in bath when fogged have your squiggly lines

my question is my technique wrong, is this normal?

thanks from the mitten


It happens on mirrors or windows when fogged.

If this customer does not like that appearance you could do a straight pull across the mirrors. Eliminate fanning should solve issue for her.


Yeah, that’s pretty picky. Guess she doesn’t towel off mirrors. I searched mirror cleaning up top and got a couple AH Haa’s: I didn’t know you’re not supposed to use ammonia on mirrors, I did for 17 years. Old mirrors, yeah, I use non ammonia stuff. Also read SprayWay for mirrors. I do love the stuff and always have it in the truck. I also pass over mirrors with lint free cloth after cleaning. If this is your biggest gripe, learn and carry on. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree this is a picky concern but also easily corrected.

Imagine how happy this customer would be, this simple fix would show this customer you listen to feedback and respond.


My curiosity got the best of me…What does " thanks from the mitten " mean ?


The mitten means Michigan to me. The lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten.