First large office building, need bid help


I need help quoting a large (for me) commercial building. The building has about 720 panes, exterior only, 274 first floor, 265 2nd, 181 3rd.
It was supposedly cleaned in the last year but it looks like it may have been a sloppy job. I am being asked for a quote from a construction company, but he said with the type of work he will be doing it will only be extra dust on the windows onto what is already there. It’s 3 stories, and I will be using my xero 40’ pro with a steel wool diy attachment. I am still pretty new to wfp, but I am estimating this building at 2067 normally, but based on dirt level I am thinking on adding 50% to bring it to 3100, mostly because I will need to go over most of the panes with the wool to make sure its clean. I am wondering if I am too low, high, or if there is anything else I should consider. Honestly it feels like It might be too low, but then that may just be because It has alot more glass than I am used too. It is fine as far as accessing the windows. I am in columbia sc, and on the store fronts I usually charge 3- 5$ in/out. I am on the mid high side in my area. I am looking to bid it at how long it would take a more experienced wfp user to make 100-125 hour, though since I have no experience with how long that would take I am doing $2 for first floor, $3 for second, $4 for third per pane. Thanks for your help! This is my first large commercial bid and the construction guy gave me the PM info, so I am hoping it will lead to more regular work.


Are you also cleaning the rows of panels in between windows?


@jhans John, do you mean the tinted windows? I assumed so as they are pretty obviously dirty in person and it looks like they were cleaned at the same time as the windows, but if they don’t want them done then my numbers would be half what I previously wrote.


$ per pane for the second and third story seem a bit low. However I don’t know anything about your market.


@HBM Thanks for the feedback Malcolm. Do you mean it’s low for a normal clean, or for one with more dirt? I would say my market rides in the middle for larger cities. I can get $4- 5 in out on car dealership sized glass on my storefronts, and resi is 10- 12 for a standard double hung with screen.


Seems low for a normal clean for 2nd and 3rd story.


i’d be at least $3357


Thanks for clarifying.


@leavingnc thanks Ben for the figure, that is very helpful. I know everyone has a different market, but at least it gives me a base point. Most of the posts I was able to find with people listing their quotes were at least a few years old. Do you mind answering how you arrived at that number? Is that a first clean quote, and do you quote by man hours or by pane? Thanks in advance!


that’s $3 for pane for the first floor and $5 per pane for the second and third stories and then you take the whole number and multiply it by 1.1 because you never know what might come up. so having that extra 10% helps, but that’s why I said I would start at that number because if I were to look at the windows and determine that they were in unusually bad condition I might add a little bit more to account for that.


Thanks Ben, that is helpful!


Calling the person with the quote Monday, will let you all know what happens.