Feeling Torn: Rain Rain Go Away or Yay, for Winter Vacation


So last year, the sun was out and work picked up in late January. This year, it started raining late January and hasn’t stopped. I’m feeling torn. Do I want the rain to go so I can start kicking :clap:ss or tell myself enjoy this extended Staycation. I’m sure others on here are on the same boat (freezing temperatures/snow days-weeks). For those who aren’t, what’s keeping you folks busy (no naughty stuff :laughing: haha…)
This feed is for conversation purposes. Thanks:)


Things won’t get rolling for us until the weather breaks. Our season can begin late February or as late as the beginning of April. Hopefully we’ll get started late February.

In the mean time I turn into Mr. Mom during the winter. I shuffle the kids to wherever they need to go and do most of the household chores to give my wife a break until I get rolling again with work.

I also do house maintenance for myself, my dad’s house, and my mom’s house.

Just today at my dad’s house I changed out a light fixture and repaired a toilet. And at my house I repaired a toilet and got started on some shelves I’m building.

Oh, I did give an estimate today too though!


Same boat with the wife and kid. I’ve actually got a few things done on my to-do list that I would’ve normally not been able or energy-wise to get done. Down side, I just end up buying stuff online. Plus a short trip coming up. It’s looking up weirdly enough. I’m almost fully booked for next week! Thank goodness!


Been getting a lot of rain here in Southern California. More this month than all year, definitely sucks as this is our busy season and I’ve been shifting around customers trying to accommodate everyone. In the meantime, same story… house stuff. Installed a range hood, refining business systems, helping with the munchkins. Thinking about offering a rain guarantee to get past the apprehension of scheduling close to wet day.


same boat as @sethfenster and @ShineproWC Southern Nevada has been getting more rain than I want. At least the WARNINGS that often don’t come true. I offer the rain guarantee but it rains so little here they wait for “drier months”. So Mr. Mom-ish I become; never can match the incredible abilities of my AMAZING wife!