Fabrication/Manufacturing Debris and Glass Fines DO Exist!


This is the part that we are having such a difficult time with. As that beautiful glass ribbon flows down that long bath line it is heading for the big cut. Where it is scored and broken. This releases glass fines/fabrication/manufacturing debris EVERY TIME !!! Why do you think the first test that the IWCA Glass Committee performed was to try to fuse these glass fines (with the same coefficient of expansion) COE as the ribbon into pieces of soda lime window glass (from the ribbon) in a tempering oven? And when they popped out and blew away, it literally blew away those doing the experiment. Which really made them very angry. So they started sending out test plates to different labs. No glass fine particle could be detected. Which made them even more angry and confused. This is the reason why we are traveling down what looks to many like an elusive and foolish road. But you know the universe doesn’t have to make things easy. Ever try to put together a five hundred piece puzzle in five minutes? I mean who in their right mind would even attempt it? Even Einstein with all his grey hair hated quantum mechanics. But now my friends you are holding a smart phone that works BECAUSE of the laws of quantum mechanics. So I want you to study this next real cute little picture.


Can you make out the cat in the middle? Well guys and girls that is what we are up against.

Looks like a raccoon, and feels like a raccoon. But look closer. It really is a cat. We are attempting to take the mask off the cat !!!




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