Ettore Rubbers




i was worried about how many rubbers we were using but then realized “oh, we’re cleaning almost 2x the glass each day as we were last year”


I’m not cleaning 2 times as much glass. I thought I was at maximum output last year… Lol. 2017 gonna turn into a peak production year…


are you sure?


Well I am going to turn 37 this year. It’s my new pinnacle…


And I thought I felt old. but then again being in the construction field since I was a teen will do that to you I suppose. but hey they say 40 is the new 30 @IronLionZion :smile:


Is it? Is it really?


That’s what I’ve heard. I still have awhile until then thou. :grinning:


I can tell you I operate much more efficiently and produce way more clean glass than I ever could in my 20’s and early 30’s. At this point I have the process dialed in like a well oiled machine.


That’s encouraging to hear.


that’s called experience my friend. thanks for the words of wisdom


Lmao @JWilliams@IronLionZion is far from old at the young age of 36-37!!


I know I’m just busting his chops alittle. :smirk:


Any chance you have made any changes in your technique? Different techniques can wear the rubber quicker than others. Just a stab in the dark.


30 is the new 40


How long are they lasting you in your liquidator?


Not really using it right now


My man


I think it is time for an article about the physics/chemistry of squeegee rubber.



I am a huge fan of Ettore rubber! It works really well.
After I use a rubber on 2 jobs I put a new one.