Estimating Chinese and Indian Resteraunts


So I finished an initial clean for a storefront today, and saw a new Indian joint opening up.

They had 20 large panes that looked like this, inside and out:

Since I’m still trying to become more efficient, I estimated the owner 250 For the initial, and 180 for maintenance.

The initial clean would probably take me 5 hours at least, but as soon as I showed the owner that I was charging 4 dollars for each side of the large pane, he didn’t even want to see the rest of the estimate.

I don’t even ask Chinese restraunts anymore, they always look at me funny and tell me to scram.

I really felt like to me that 250 for an entire spotless clean is a good deal, but I hate losing potential accounts since I’m just starting out.


Even with pricing that varies by location that’s a pretty high price for store front cleaning.

Believe you over estimated the time you think it’s gonna take you also something that size shouldn’t be anywhere near that time frame.


Fair enough. What would be a fair price for a pane that size?


I don’t like getting in to the price per pane, just because it is so different everywhere.

People on here say a dollar a window and that’s just ridiculous low i think.

On store fronts what we typically will see people at is $2 per side, i need 2.50 and $60. min. The small storefronts are priced too low for my liking here.


5 Hours? Are you using a rag and windex? Just curious how you thought it’d take that long.

21" squeegee + 20 windows = $40-60 in/out = 45-60min = $25 outside only = 20 minutes

I’d push for the outside only because he’s got curtains in there and you can walk up at any time and bust them out.

But Indian and Asian stops are hard to get.


Agreed every Asian restaurant ive ever talked to has told me they do it them selves. I’m thinking…uh ya, I can tell that’s why I stopped in.


There is no such thing as a “correct price”, but you missed this one by miles. There is no way that job should take 5 hours. It would take us about 60 minutes at most, possibly an extra 15 minutes for the first clean. We would be somewhere around $50-75 on a job like this, depending on how badly we want to land the gig.