Equipment is gone


Sorry, brothers a few people nabbed it here. If I dig up anything else you’ll be the first to know.


What do you have? I’m interested


Hey Lawrence, there’s a new guy on here, Josh Mosseli. He needs a 12" squeegee and a mop. Think you could hook him up? He’s in the thread “Interior window cleaning”. You could make his day. You will be my hero. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, someone nabbed it here. I would of loved to be a hero, if I dig up anymore equipment you’ll be the first to get it.


Hey give it all to @Bucket-Bob, he has been putting some great posts as a newb.

If you don’t give him everything, a BOAB would be cool


Naw. Thanks though Lawrence, that was a big hearted thing to do…hero for a day. Josh…go buy a squeegee.