DIY - WFP RO/DI Multi-Stage Setup Squeak N' Squeegee Style


What’s a good RO protect that you would recommend @HoosierSqueegee


The one from IPC.

It’s the only one commercially made that I know of.


I have a pump setup as you can see in picture for 160 PSI… This still isn’t the 180-200 they talk about. I don’t need to open or setup RO membrane yet, Im in the works of trying to get the XLE (low energy) Version that says 100 psi. even if it cost me $30 for shipping back, it will be worth it i think.


Why don’t you just buy the CORRECT RO membrane that the industry uses?

You don’t need a 160 PSI pump for window cleaning. You are going overboard on all this, and I think in the end you are going to be disappointed and find you have wasted a lot of money for nothing. I’m not trying to be mean about it. You just seem to be bull headed about it. Emulate the Xero pure filter, it’s all you will need. A carbon pre filter, a 4x40 RO, and a DI filter.

In any event, good luck man. Hope it turns out for you.


The XLE is the one, I just mistook the one I ordered for the XLE due to the wording on website.

This filter Dow Filmtec XLE-4040 Extra Low Energy Commercial RO Membrane. I have read from multiple WFP websites including this one is agreat one to use. Unfortunately for me i ordered the higher PSI one, and not the XLE.

and if I don’t need a pump for RO WFP, why does WCR sell them and HUNDREDS of people use them on their rigs both with and without tanks. I go to a lot of places where the water pressure is less then taking a pee.

As always thank you for the feed back. I need to go sharpen my horns BRB.


And just so you no I’m not rushing into this. And everything I ought can be used for other projects I’m always working on. Or spare parts etc etc.

Thank you for caring about my well being. And please keep the information coming at least.


Let us know how it performs in the field bro.


This is only my TUCKER DI. As I’m waiting on my carbon filters that the UPS driver delivered to where wrong place and date changed to Monday…

Tuesday or Thursday I should have full setup going… problem I am seeing is lack of pressure just on DI TANK. I had it directly hooked up as if was just tucker tank and wfp and garden hose spigot.

After I get my second PSI gauge and the carbon filters I’ll be able to knownexact psi in and out.


First, Use whatever RO membrane you want. The Axeon in the one that has been in these RO tubes for some time. It’s proven to work, and it’s a really good filter IMO. If you want to gamble, gamble away. Its only money.

Second, I didn’t say a pump has no benefit. I said a 160 PSI pump is WAY overkill. A 80 PSI booster pump works great to boost pressure. You are going to have water spraying everywhere with a 160 PSI pump. You are probably going to blow hoses and have a bunch of leaks too. I don’t know how much pressure the Tucker DI housing can hold, but you could damage it too, if you over pressurize it.

Remember, you are a solo operator, and you are doing three stories and less. You are building a cart that is going to be REALLY heavy, and if it works, you are setting yourself up for frustration with water leaks and water squirting everywhere.


I had a 160 PSI on hand, and have a controller to control the PSI from 0-160 so i can set it at what I need. Your right the axeon hf5-4040 is also a wide spread used membrane I’ve heard a lot about. I do not understand why your getting so defensive and amped up?

This sucker weights maybe 65lbs right now without RO membrane and carbon filter.
Oh and the water weight i guess will make this heavy… Still don’t exactly understand where the hostility is coming from? I am sorry if some how I offended you somewhere?




I’m not getting amped and defensive. It just seems I am looking at a guy all excited with his ears closed to reality, jumping to assemble a monster of a filtration system that “is big and bad”.

My unit is exactly like a xero pure. My unit weighs 70 pounds. I have a slimmer (weighs less) cart, the same filter housing and a smaller DI unit, and a smaller prefilter and housing. NO WAY your unit weighs 70 pounds. You in all likelihood will be closer to 150 pounds. You are going to end up with a hurt back and no way to make money…

You have 3 20" prefilters. This alone should add somewhere around 30 pounds to your unit.

Not to mention you are over complicating something that doesn’t need to be complicated and have a million moving parts.

You will soon see, what I have been preaching about. I guess you are just one of those guys that can’t take advice, but instead have to experience it yourself.

Good luck.


spar varnish also works well for waterproofing wood. Even killz original will work


my rodi cart is 157lbs its stupid heavy


I’m ears and eyes completely open, but most of your arguments seem to be wrong for me. My filters do not weigh 10lbs each, unless you are referring after water is in them?

We have nasty sediment water in most these areas, and our chlorine rating in real numbers is a lot higher then our state/city website leads us to believe. I did a well job the other day with tds of 340, and he was proud of drinking that water.

I’m not expecting this to be carried around from job to job, hunt the long hose? This device will stay in my truck and just be directly hooked in to spigot. EVEN if I do decide to make it mobile I will be pushin 80-90 lbs MAYBE(doubtful but let’s just say extra to cover my butt)…

I’m a small guy and can bench that, so I’m not worried about 100lbs…

I want to take and listen to your advice and at least taking it into consideration as I triple guess every move I make. After it’s fjnished and I get the numbers and show you. If I’m wrong in the end then I’m wrong and I’ll learn from it.

But in my opinion you were being a bit hostile about it. Doesn’t help as we all know how hard it is to read emotion or the feelings behind text.

Thank you for at least taking the time to considered all this information. I really do appreciate it and hope in the end we can still be “forum buddies”


Your time most likely would be better spent analyzing the market you are serving; creating marketing pieces; and so on. I think that’s what most are trying to get at.


If I spent all my time only doing paperwork and marketing across the board I would never have fun and enjoy owning this business.

I completely understand what you’re referring to and spend and will continue to spend plenty of time on that, but when I could go home and enjoy a day or two assembling and creating. Isn’t that one of the reason we are our own boss? So we can expirment and do things we want to do and not have to always follow EVERY SINGLE rule to the tee.

If this project had consumed me or wasted every last minute I would be angry at myself.

But I have had so much fun doing this, and have learned and continuing to learn about RODI systems.

I’m sorry if some how I upset any of you, or if some how I have made myself look like an idiot by having fun learning and doing. It’s not like I spent$2,000-$10,000 and nothing worked… I spent $800and EVERYTHING WORKS. final pictures and videos Tuesday night…

Thank you all for your words of wisdom. Just because I don’t accept your ideas doesn’t mean they are worthless.


Okay i just want to make sure i have this correct.

This is the 4" x 40" stainless steel housings


Looks good to me. On inlet side the outer hole should be plugged.