Creepin' in Kansas City


Working in downtown KC and got an opportunity to creep on @Luke in real life. :slight_smile:


Did you get an autograph? :blush:


So he does actually work! :wink:


Please tell me you did actually say hello?!!

That’s awesome strong text


That may not be the real Luke The Window Cleaner. He is now licensing his likeness to others in the trade. We have 3 in my area. I looked into it, but can’t grow a decent beard, damnit!


I can only grow a goatee… So I have to license as Luketavo.


I think Hasbro should look into making Luke and Rheanna dolls for sale this Christmas season. They could replace either Ken and Barbie or G.I. Joe dolls.


you beaner lol orale

seems like it would be super hot to wear a full beard


I did not say hi. I said hi last year at the huge convention and I’ll say hi again this year. But I imagine he would want me to interrupt his workflow about as much as I would want somebody to do the same to me.


Hey buddy! Man stop me anytime ! We would have been happy to stop and say hi :grin: besides it was hot as hell and could have used the break !


Not if you’re a real man tenor


we can handle plenty of heat that kills others. our summer is pretty warm and it’s barely starting. real men dont rely on fad beards for affirmation :wink:


I was at the stoplight and was gonna cat call but then I saw Reanna and didn’t want it misunderstood. :joy:

You two are warriors to work in all black. We’re in white moisture wicking shirts, swap our muck boots out for flip flops between jobs, and are covered in cold water all day and I still whine about the heat.