Courage Test - Name your max. TDS when you still carried on and all was well


Is this a test of courage or irresponsibility? Rainwater round here does a passable rinse job @TDS40ppm.


Out of necessity really. It’s happened where my di goes and I don’t have new resin on hand or something’s not right with the RO membrane. What can you do? I’ve gone up to 030 ppm, give or take, without a problem.


Neither. More like necessity cause it might just work and if it doesn’t, I have to go back and redo it.
I always make sure to have DI on hand. I use DI only.


Josh takes No 1 spot so far. Cracked on with TDS@30.


An extra point for courage using DI only and risking variable tap TDS burning through resin really fast.


Tap water here is @370ppm average :frowning:


Aaron who has a YouTube channel called Window Cleaning Pom has stated in this video (warning it’s 11:32 video) to gone as high as 195 PPM.


I seem to recall some test achieving a spotless rinse even with insanely high TDS because of some extreme hydrophilic coating on the glass.



Yikes! I swapped out resin at 17 with no problems. Guess I could have stretched it further.
Edit: My TDS at home is 189, 5 miles up the road downtown is 225 as is 2 miles on the other side of the neighborhood.


I don’t go over 10. My tap comes out at 58tds so I only use a DI. One of the perks of being Scottish. Downside is the weather is always bad.


My di went on a big job and I decided to go ahead and see how it would turn out. I had tons of small panes on the house -240 total windows. Figured I would scrub and rinse a little bit more and touch up if necessary.

Tds got to 100+. Amazingly, no touch ups at all. They looked great. Still went straight away and exchanged my tank the next day.


I normally go to 30 without any problems.
There was one time I didn’t check the tap water and it was a well fed tap and it burned up all my resin when I checked after I was packing up my WFP my TDS was 198, then I inspected the glass and had to redo most of it as the bore water here is high in calcium so white spots everywhere.


Same here !
Very low tds here. At my house it’s 36


tap water here is pretty consistent 120-150 unless I go outside city limits and the home is on a well which is usually 300 and up. For those I get selective about which windows to use wfp and I also restrict water usage ie: just wet the window enough to scrub…pinch the hose while scrubbing…so most of water is for rinse.


You said carried on and all was well…

I’d say a house I did a few years ago and one of my DI tanks freaken bursted on me in my trailer because the pressure was too high. Cracked the fiberglass right at the top of the tank. White beads everywhere!
On the one tank left to run the system I had around 100 tds maybe a little bit more. But the windows were brand new and they came out perfect.

The clean up afterwards was the rough part. No way to get them all up and slippery as grease. I fell 2 or 3 times on my tail in the trailer too.


with a tds of 490, when the Di hits 10 its redo time if youre looking at it in the sun. in the shade, in looks great, but you get a call back and have to go back and . . . re do it anyway

the precursor to spots is a wavy dry pattern on the lower part of the window


Yes. Superwetters allow us to drain glass at a very high TDS. No spots. Conditions change radically though. Therefore it isn’t practical. Temperature, humidity, and shade make all the difference. I drained exceptionally high TDS water once from a hydrophobic surface using a superwetter (.01% concentration). Perfect results. Perfect conditions however.

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This looks like an overtake into the lead for thorSG1 for courage and perseverance to still get the job out with a good result @100TDS!


How high? Just curious about the number.


I grabbed the wrong Jerry Can to fill my backpack one time. Tap water instead of pure water. It was a commercial job and the tap water was 250 tds. I didn’t realize my error until later in the day. When I went back to redo the job the next morning the glass was perfect. Have no reason to explain it.