Construction clean up in Scotland



Great job Pete. Amazing views too!!




It’s a beautiful place buddy. Thanks for watching!


Lol! :grin::joy::rofl:


Watched this on YouTube earlier today.

Subscribed to the channel too.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, and yes the beard looks good.

I am digging the kilt too, but confused about your tartan, because the logo looks like a different one.


Thanks buddy! Yeah each clan has several tartans. The one I’m wearing is not my family tartan it’s just a made up one, doesn’t belong to any family as far as i know. I just bought this one for work. I keep my blue one for weddings and Scottish dancing events :grin::wink:


Hats off to you mate, I could never wear so little, if it were me and I was there I would have on thermal underwear(long johns) and long pants with 2 pairs of socks.

I read somewhere that originally that kilts were worn without underwear and there is a pouch on the inside to keep your junk in, is this just a myth?


Haha!!! Love that. Traditionally nothing is worn underneath but since I’m up ladders in and around people’s homes i do wear some underwear which doesn’t really keep you warm just saves folks getting an eye full of the ginger snake haha. We wear a pouch on the front called a sporran which we keep little items in. Most people in Scotland don’t wear kilts anymore so when they see me wearing it for work they look twice normally and i get some cool complements, even got work from it so that can’t be bad haha :grin::joy:


I guess the red ones are mostly Irish?
I need to find the right one for my clan, because it is red according to online sources, but I think there must be a blue one too. The hardest part for me will be to find a place in the states that can spin me a wool one without charging me a leg for it.

I suspected you could get some additional accounts from that. Been wanting to wear a kilt, and go to the highland games in my area this summer, but now I have a reason to wear it more than to just one event each year.
There is one guy here in my town that wears one, but he made his himself out of leather, and it looks more like something a roman soldier would have worn.I asked him if he was a true Scotsman under there, and he said “oh yeah”. :smile: That has to be more comfortable than jeans.


Lol defo more comfortable that’s for sure


What…all this an’ he dances too? You are a talented young man. :thinking:


Lol i didn’t say i was good haha!!


Somehow a tartan kilt and trad values are a great combination.

A great USP too !!!
Most good businesses aim to have one.
(i.e. a Unique Selling Point for those without a marketing background).