Just did work on a mansion that had 11 chandeliers, 3 of which required scaffolding. Considering adding this service to my offerings. Can anyone advise?


What kind of advice are you looking for @MrSparkleVA
pricing, process, marketing.


That first picture shows beams on both sides, dormer window sill - places for ladder plants, perhaps you could have done it without scaffolding…
I have a similar situation, my 28’ reaches fine.
You have to move your ladder around it, though, don’t try spinning the chandelier, I heard horror stories of a chandelier getting undone that way and crashing down.


Certainly pricing and process. Marketing less so, although chandelier cleaning would certainly get me the windows, now wouldn’t it? SO, certainly all of the above. In the next post @Valex refers to ladder plants that I have never heard of. Also, brother V, how would I have used my WFP or even my Dragonfly to clean that chandelier? We changed out all of the bulbs while there, so a ladder solution that would facilitate that would be excellent. That scaffolding was a HUGE PITA.

I ended up billing just over $3700 to change bulbs,

clean chandeliers, and clean the windows. Threw in the gutters for free

She wants me back quarterly for the exteriors and semi-annually for the inside windows.


Ladder Plants: as in, plant the ladder on the floor. I think you did well with scaffolding…nice, secure feeling, somewhere to put your freight, area to move around for awkward positions. Have hand washed 3 tiered chandeliers. Took every piece off, one tier at a time, hand washed, triple rinsed, hung back up. Take pics of tiers for reassembly. Companies will also work with you to replace broken or missing stuff; you send them a pic and they will tell you what they are. Had great dealing with Schoenbeck for new crystals that staff broke. They sent about $200 of replacement crystals for free, even shipping. Nice add on for your business. Some just spray and drip dry. Have never done that. I do wash the bulbs, but then you get into fragile elements breaking. Better to just replace, but when you have 36 bulbs and multiple lights… Great find for a client. Chandelier cleaning is a craft in itself. Lots of effort and tedious. Many don’t have the patience. Would just add to the list on your web site. Then on next batch of cards. Can just verbal when you do estimates as you encounter them. The question is, do you want to spend your time doing them? 2 cents. :sunglasses:


At $50-$100 per hour, I’ll do whatever my peeps ask of me!


Does the garage you take your vehicle to throw in an oil filter for free? The grocery store a gallon of milk for free? This makes no sense to me.


That makes two of us.

It’s not like they could not afford it.

You can give a little and still have the WOW factor.


They spent just south of $5k with me in 9 days. $2300 was my net income. While it may seem incomprehensible to you both, giving them the gift of gutters after their enrichment of what was sizing up as a REALLY slow New Year makes perfect sense to me.


No its not incomprehensible to me I understand the thought process, I was just saying there are easier ways to wow and give to your customers.


Look at it this way - A couple spends $4,000 for wedding bands at the jeweler, should the jeweler throw in a $200 necklace as well for free? I understand what you are saying, I think(?), but unless this is a hobby for you, you should just get in the habit of charging for your services. It makes perfect sense in the long run. But then again, it is your business that you are running. But if it drags down the industry for several to operate this way (such as bucket bob pricing does) then it affects everyone. The next time you have a full schedule and people start saying - well, you didn’t charge John for the same services as you are charging me, what gives?! Then you may understand the reason I and many others are opposed to the free service, especially such as what your pictures depicted.


I think y’all are overthinking what he did WAY too much. You’re thinking piecemeal- he’s thinking big picture.

Would you complain if he was running a 10% off special if you spend $5000 or more on a job? I wouldn’t and I think many residential guys run promos.

So rethink his free gutters and reimagine him offering them as a promotion for customers spending 5k or more. Hell, I’d wax your car for free and pick up the dry cleaning if I was going hit you for 5k.


I was just saying there are easier ways to wow and to give to your customers.


I hear ya and get your point. I hate gutter work even when I’m getting paid for it. I’d much rather pick up your dry cleaning…


Did I mention that I’ll be back there quarterly for outside and semiannually inside for a total of over $3600 annually? Would YOU give away a $350 gutter job for a contract like that? I would, and will again given the opportunity.


Funny, today a prospective customer said to me, “George Rice wouldn’t charge that.”


Don’t worry @MrSparkleVA,

I cleaned 5 cooler doors for free today. But then the guy gave me a $15 tip, so all equilibrium has been restored to the industry.

Phew! Close one!:shushing_face:


Might want to look into a small ultrasonic tank.



Jordie, you get it. Part of my spiritual practice compels me to give away some service. Yesterday I did a storefront of a hair salon that needed it terribly but that had only one beautician and tons of empty chairs. It felt good to give the gift of clean windows. It feels good sitting here thinking about it.They had a need, and I had a gift. They’re happy, and that makes me happy.


I like this way of looking at things, good deeds feel good and when done in balance everyone benefits (and does not go broke)