Can stickers ruin glass?


We just installed windows with low e on surface 4. Everywhere we removed a sticker there is a visible distortion in the glass. It looks like the sticker changed the composition of the low e coating, making it look like a “sun spot.” No cleaning products have helped. Have you seen this before?


You can try natural solution like vinegar,bleach,apple cider.Try hope its work.


Did you use a metal scraper? It will react with the low E and make a mark.


I know,I didn’t use metal scraper.


I’ve had the same problem on a couple deck pane windows before. Not e coated, but there was a noticeable distortion where a factory sticker was on them at one time. Scrubbed one pane for 20 minutes with steel wool and it was still visible. Luckily the customer was very understanding and didn’t worry about it as she was just happy they weren’t covered in mildew anymore.


Yes, sometimes they do.

Do they trap moisture against the glass, does the glue interact? Who knows. I’ve been cleaning glass since 1994, and have since plenty of everlasting shadows left on the glass from lettering, paint, and even installation suction cups … that are PERMANENT.