Builders not paying


I’ve gotta builder that is a month behind on a net 30 any legal suggestions. I know all the illegal ways lol


It’s called a mechanic’s lien. Non payments are very common with post construction cleaning.


This is my third year on my own after getting screwed by squeegee pros here in Mooresville, N.C.and while there I watched many builders do this and that’s why I was hesitant about working with them. But to grow my business I had to step out of my comfort level and as usual I am getting fucked. Does the fact of keys being turned over matter?


How did squeegee pros get you?


Let’s just say after 4 years I finally payed off my shoulder


How far past 30 are they?

Odds are they will pay, at their convenience likely.
Best advice just wait it out, call and question late payment. The process for a small amount isnt worth the time and effort for something that will be paid but just later than you’d like.


Agreed. They are probably waiting to be paid. Post construction jobs are typically late. I have one that is 4 months overdue.


What’s his reason ? Have you questioned him ?


I’m not sure what that means


Rotator cuff surgery


30 days past 30


Yeah talked to him 2 weeks ago and was told to expect a check this last week


I would just keep sending invoices every couple of weeks. If it gets to 90 days, then I would start writing harsh letters/emails with the invoices and calling.

I do about $300 K per year and work for lots of contractors and Managment companies. Have always been paid eventually. The people woh don’t pay are alway tiny jobs for me. I have a $75 invoice thats a year overdue…


Thanks man that’s what I’ll keep doing


Instead of talking to the guy on site (if thats what you are doing) try calling accounts payable.
Just call the main office line and simply say “accounts payable please”.

If they ask give them your name and company and say its regarding a question on billing.

When you get thru ask the lady as nice as you possibly can after you explain directly and to the point, what you can do to try to get paid.

Trust me.

You want this person to be your friend. They can literally move mountains for you.

You have nothing to loose at this point right?


Thanks for the suggestion


Ok call him back , an see what’s up !

I honestly don’t think most peoele are our to screw you, but the phone calls need to be made .
It’s that’s simple. Hey what’s up didn’t receive a check yet , was it sent ? If not when can I expect one.
Call an keep calling when the check is expected , but never comes give a phone call. I couldn’t give a shit if it’s being annoying. To bad !!
There is nothing wrong with wanting your money an calling to see where it is.