Bi-Weekly Inside Out Estimate


Looking at 3 different quote prices here but was wondering what you guys would quote for this hotel lobby inside and out bi weekly? There are also 2 large windows on each side as well. $75, $65, $55 or more?


I woud be at 67-75, assuming the windows on the sides are rather large and depending if there was much in the lobby I had to work around. The ones visible in the pic shown are 1.50 per side, 3.00 for in out per my pricing.


It would depend on your standard pricing for commercial windows.

$1 x 27 surfaces (panes) x 2 (inside/outside) = 54 surfaces (panes) = $54.00
$2 x 27 surfaces (panes) x 2 (inside/outside) = 54 surfaces (panes) = $108.00
$3 x 27 surfaces (panes) x 2 (inside/outside) = 54 surfaces (panes) = $162.00

What does your area allow you to charge per?


Here what the inside looks like:


Well I am in Florida so it is pretty saturated with window cleaners. Either way I should be able to get away with $75 - $85 max. More than and and I am sure I will lose it to bucket Bob who i snot insured or legit. :joy:


Why is that?


Because it is close to the higher end of doing them but not the highest. More like upper mid range. Lower end would be like $45 and is what most cheaper dudes would do around here for hotel lobbies.


Got it. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to chase towards the bottom though. I’m in Florida too.


$50 but wfp all outsides and only bottoms inside monthly. Tops inside only need once a month.
Call window maintenance . They will take the $200 monthly price. Also check on pressure washing every 3 months.