Beware “Andersen Windowalls” circa 1960


This is a first for me. And after a dozen + years of cleaning windows, that happens less and less. These are like a nightmare combination of Pella and Marvin thermal panels. I’ve seen this style slider before, but not with the clip-in exterior storm, or the horendous needle-pin muntins.


wow, good times, lol


Thankfully I priced the job rather high, anticipating some type of storms. But didn’t expect these turn-screw jobbers.

Gotta love the sixties. Particle board shutters :joy:


Well, after cleaning a few of these, I gotta say Andersen was onto something back in the sixties. These units operate very smoothly, and the only issues I can see with them is some crumbling glazing. Definitely to be expected on 60 year old windows.

So far all the turn screws work well, and it’s just a quarter turn to unlock them. I’ve had loads more trouble unclipping aged pellas or marvins. The fact that all the sashes lift out effortlessly is a bonus; no climbing ladders to remove storms from the outside.


I’ve ran into these a few times in the older neighborhoods here and I find them among the easiest of varieties of storm windows to deal with.

And dang, that’s a nice view out that window.