Best microfiber towels!


So these are the best I have used good old Costco brand!!! I picked these up today before going to a job because I was running low on clean ones! 36 pack for 14.99


Have you tested them side by side against the ECloth? Just curious.



I have not but they are big and hold a lot of water. And doesn’t leave any lint what so ever. How much are the ones your talking about?


I L O V E these towels. I use them for everything except on the glass. Sills,
tracks, frames. screens…actually I do use them sometimes on glass but only for getting off silicone smudges…


Oh, damn I lied…What I meant was I don’t use them for detailing windows, I use scrim for that. I also use them with Spray Away on some high windows, stained glass, mirrors and they are great for wetting up small cut-ups cause I can control the amount of water really well.


I do use microfiber to sop water, but find they can leave micro-lint on some glass, as some glass surfaces are like sand paper. That’s why I carry and use the flour sack Wal-Mart towels at final detail. I’m really trying to decide if I even like micro fiber. Drop it? Forget about it. Recently bought 10 lbs. of Hucks. Even they can leave lint. The research continues. Oh, and I pretty much despise those “glass microfiber” towels. They are a joke, they seem to stick to glass. Micro fiber is good to wipe out tracks.

  1. Ninja micro for detailing
  2. Xero fishscale for detailing
  3. Unger 4000 HD for abrasive
    Best 3 in the biz.

Honorable mention: Quickie Heavy Duty (Home Depot) for abrasive


Xero fish scale towel hands down. I love mine. Glad I bought a three pack before they went out of stock.


The ecloth is about eight bux. Very thin. I use it for detailing around stickers.