At cost printing flash sale!


Hey Everyone! Jillian here with At Cost Printing. Just wanted to let you know we are having a 2 Day Flash Sale- 20% OFF EVERYTHING!!! That’s right- any products, any quantity, any size! So take advantage of this great deal while it lasts. Feel free to chat with me on the site if you have any questions. Why are you still reading this, GET SHOPPING!


I need some new cards. Will you guys help with a redesign ?


Yes, we can. The WCRA offers the edit service for their templates. If need be, we can do custom design work for $50/hour. Our designers are great and work very fast.


I have experience with WCR editing. If you’re a member, Justin’s the MAN! I am delighted with the folks at At Cost Printing, and the WCR. Justin is excellent at making changes. However, I did my cards at Vista because it’s free and easy to change design using their on-line program.


Ya I have minor changes for the most part.
So I’m not savoy with all that stiuff , but winter is coming An I jace time to figure it out. Thanks for the heads up !


So I’m going out on a job right now, but when I get back I’ll get started with Jillian on some door hangers to leave around a completed job after I’m done. I keep regretting that I don’t have any way to alert the 5 on each side that their neighbor just used me, and they might want to as well.


Sounds good George, looking forward to it!


I hope you’ll hold it over for me. I’m swamped and couldn’t stop to work on my new door hangers. I want something that introduces the work I’ve done at their neighbors home or business with a line for me to fill in the neighbor’s address and name so that I can direct their attention to my work nearby.

Got anything like that? I really don’t have time to search right now.


Yes, I have seen a few door hangers which reference the neighbors work that was just done. Have you started working on them yet?


I’ve been as busy as a one-legged man in an ass-kickin’ contest. Will try to look at them tomorrow. If you get the chance, please e-mail me the files to peruse.