Anyone wfp'ing With a Backpack These Days?


I’m wondering, now that backpacks have been a thing for several years, if any are using them with a wfp consistently for certain storefront/restaurant locations?
I could see how it would be enormously helpful in some instances and not worth the effort for others.

Sometimes newer ideas don’t end up having staying power. Just wondering about this as I’m contemplating it for some accounts I have.


on a little cart maybe. on my back never. ive thought about using one one my smaller commercial just dont see benefits outweighing hassle yet


Ya, that would probably preserve an aging body :grin:


I don’t think anyone using backpacks actually wear them on their backs. At least I didn’t. Most just strap it onto a small dolley of some sort.


So far it’s sounding like I should be asking for backpack recommendations :smile:


Yeah they are popular here in the uk. We call them trollys. They are only about £50.00 and we strap the backpack to them. Most use them for high level windows then trad low stuff


Dan Tractor Supply Co. has a battery powered sprayer on wheels for about 100 bucks. You’d need to change the hose out on it, but maybe that would work for your purposes?

It’s a 5 gallon capacity I think.


I used a backpack for many years. It was perfect for decks and out of the way places hard to reach from the water source. The newest type on the market is the fillngo from RHG


for $2k thats just silly

who in there right mind would want too use that for hard too reach places? the areas youd want too take that too are usually covered with all sorts of crazy landscape. the wheels look too small to comfortably move 20gal of water or 160lbs of water

we just added lots more hose


I would have to 100% agree with @squeegeemike, Way over priced, over sized, impractical, too heavy.

If you need that much water I would imagine a vehicle mounted 25 gal tank with a pump already on it would only set you back maybe $200-$300 and be far more practical.

I have NEVER had an issue where there was no water available, One time we used these

from an indoor tap to a DI tank in a court yard that had no external water source.


I thought maybe it would have a pole included for 2 grand lol.

Nice system though.


yea no kidding


I’m using this 9gallon battery powered sprayer from Harbor Freight. I think it was around $180. It’s really handy for those jobs with a couple of high windows. A 3 gallon backpack wouldn’t get me far on large commercial panes. But that 20 gallon thing seems like a nightmare to lug around.