2017 huge convention dates?


Any news on the 2017 Huge Conv?


August. Final dates should be announced in the next couple of weeks by @Thad or myself.

New City!


Awesome. Looking forward to it


Venice, FL


I pray it’s my town… LOL


No Panama City Florida


@Samuel @JWilliams You guys don’t want to leave Florida in August? :joy:




Italy here we come!


Monday we announce and put early bird tickets up for sale.


Can’t wait. Where ate your announcing? Here and via email to members?
I’m pumped

Josh Lile
Clear View Exterior Cleaning Services, LLC


Can’t wait! I really hope I get an excuse to leave Florida! :joy:


No…lets stay in Florida👍


Panama City, Florida!


Big announcement: I am pleased to announce that I am going to be the keynote speaker. My topic will be: “How To Ruin Your Life By Age 40 - Become a Window Cleaner.” Please be there! I will have copies of my book “$6 Dollars an Hour” and the super popular: “Window Cleaning Poverty.” Hope to see you there!


Hey everyone, Tgrove is back!


You know we would love to have you. The year you spoke in Nashville you received the highest marks on the feedback surveys. :slight_smile:




New City, NY?

Odd choice, but it is close to home lol


Ahhh I want to know