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XERO Systems WarrantyAbout the XERO Pure MAX Plus

The XERO Pure MAX Plus exemplifies that XERO never stops improving their systems.

This state-of-the-art pure water system utilizes the same dual ROs you know and love from the XERO Pure MAX, but also flaunts some major upgrades.

New & Improved Features, same XERO Quality

The XERO Pure MAX Plus system is the upgraded version of the XERO Pure MAX. We've decided to up the ante with this system by adding a sediment filter and a chloramine filter. As city water treatment centers continue to add chloramines to their water, we decided that adding this filter was an absolute necessity. Since chloramines do lots of damage to RO membranes, the filter will extend the lifespan of your system, making it last for years to come.

We've also installed a pressure gauge on the top of the unit so you can monitor the water pressure coming from your pre-filters as they reach the RO membranes. A brand-new bracket mounts both the pre-filters and the larger DI cartridge, meaning you won't need to replace the resin nearly as often. It also now accommodates a larger 21-inch refillable DI cartridge, whereas the standard XERO Pure MAX has only a 10-inch. Flaunting double the capacity, you'll be able to use this machine for much longer between filter changes.

Furthermore, the XERO Pure MAX Plus will also come equipped with a beautifully powder-coated green and blue frame. The two housings straddle the handle, allowing you to easily remove and change the filter inside.

Constructed with Care

These units are made in-house by WCR team members who inspect every detail to ensure they're perfect. There are sturdy steel frames that everything is mounted to, including the large flat-free wheels. We avoided using plastic fittings that would be likely to break and opted for durable metal ones.

Changing Filters is a Breeze

Changing the filters on these units is meant to be trouble-free. The DI, Sediment, and Chloramine housings open with the help of the included filter wrenches. Untwist the canisters, replace the filter or resin, and tighten it back up. Keep up on those regular filter changes to keep the water pure and save the RO membranes. If you notice your TDS starting to read over 10 ppm, you probably need to switch out the resin. The RO Membranes can last for years if treated properly, so you won't have to change these out too often.

What's included:

  • TDS Meter
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • Lube
  • Owner's Manual


  • 51.5" x 16" x 13.5"
  • Dual ROs produce 1 gallon per minute
  • Work without a pump on high windows
  • Run two poles at once
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Easy to operate



Questions & Answers

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  • What size hose is best to feed the system? I currently use a 5/8th

    The hose you are working with is a great choice! We recommend using 5/8ths hose or larger to maintain sufficient water to the system. Anything smaller will yield lackluster results.

  • I live in Dallas,Texas where the water hardness is at 140 I believe. I’m new to WFP. Would this be good enough to get 0 or close to 0 TDS?

    Howdy, partner! Check out the TDS Calculator on our website. This will show you the best approximation according to your zip code.

  • What is the output GPM of water with and without a booster pump. Thank you.

    Hello, the output GPM is 1 without a pump and 1.5 with a pump.

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Length 51.5 inches 51.5 inches
Width 16 inches 16 inches
Height 13.5 inches 13.5 inches
Weight 72 lbs 79 lbs
Bracket Specs Filters & DI mounted separately Filters & DI mounted together
DI Size 10" DI Cartridge 20" DI Cartridge
Number of Filters 3 4
Pressure Gauge? No Yes
Chloramine Filter? No Yes
Sediment Filter? No Yes
Carbon Filter? Yes No
Frame Color Black Green and Blue
12-Year Warranty? Yes Yes
Made in the USA? Yes Yes