Cleaning Storefront windows with Trad Pole and Squeegee

How do you clean storefront windows?

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How do you clean storefront windows?

Storefront window cleaning is one of the most fruitful types of window cleaning you can get into. Developing a solid route not only helps you save on gas, money, and time, but also establishes customer relationships. These can become long-lasting and even bring you more clients from their associates.

Pricing out storefronts can be simple, as most of them mimic one another in style of setup. To learn more about pricing windows, check out this video.



Furthermore, passionate business owners want what’s best for their customers. Providing a clean, healthy environment for clientele to eat or shop in is crucial to their business’ financial health. This is a pretty simple sell when it comes to building your connections, finding new clients, and expanding upon your daily routes.

Whether you’re looking to switch from cleaning residential, expanding your services, or are just starting out, this week’s Window Cleaner University article is coming at you with how to clean storefront windows.

A Solid Set-Up from the Ground-Up

So, let’s say you’re revved up and ready to dive into cleaning storefront windows. First things first, you’re going to need a stellar setup to keep you going strong throughout your day. Let’s discuss some products you’ll need and how to use them best to clean storefronts.

Extension Poles

Since storefront windows are generally tall, you’ll want to invest in an extension pole that can reach up to the top. Consider taking the XERO J2 Extension Pole for a spin. This 3-section pole is constructed with a hybrid material, making it lightweight. It reaches up to 6 feet fully extended, and weighs only 1 pound. Featuring end defenders on each section, this pole will outlast any consumer-grade pole from a big-box store. Collapsed, it is only 40 inches, which is perfect for sliding into any vehicle. What’s more, it comes with a wood cone adapter and pole tip of your choosing, giving you the option to utilize a variety of tools.

When scrubbing with an extension pole, it will take some time to get the hang of how much pressure to use. Scrubbing vertically, then horizontally, and ensuring you get the sides of the frames will optimize how much dirt you lift up and away from the glass. Squeegeeing with the pull-down method for the top section of the window can work, as you can fan the remaining bottom half by hand afterwards. Or, try out the fanning method with the extension pole. Once you get the hang of this, your workflow will go by much faster. Check out a how-to video on the fanning method.



Squeegee, Swipe, Satisfaction

For cleaning storefronts, nothing is more important than having a squeegee channel to fan the windows with. The longer the channel, the more surface area covered, decreasing the time spent on each window. In addition, what’s more satisfying than closing out a window in just a few swipes? (Which would also look sleek on your social media page!)

We say, hook yourself up with the durable, aluminum, and ultimate classic Ettore Super Squeegee Channel. This squeegee comes in sizes 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch. It features the mid-weight Ettore Master Rubber and two end clips to hold it securely in place. You can attach this to the Ettore Pro+ Super System Super Channel Squeegee Handle with quick-release action, and you’ll be flying through your route with time to edit that Insta Reel.

Scrubbing to Sparkling

Before swiping away all of that soapy goodness with your squeegee, it will need to be applied with a scrubber sleeve. One of the most absorbent mops is the Sörbo White Sleeve. This stripwasher can hold enough water to coat multiple storefront windows and has minimal dripping when working in interior spaces. Pair this with the Sörbo Swivel T-Bar, and you’ll be in great shape. What’s also convenient about this pairing is that you can reach all the way up to 36 inches of length. This t-bar swivels, too, for targeting any angle necessary. Throughout your workflow, easily swap out your t-bar and squeegee handles to optimize your functionality, and speed your way onto the next storefront.

Busting Out the Big Guns

For tough corners and more stubborn spots that require a little more abrasion, the XERO White Scrub Pad is quite the handy tool to keep on standby. Got leftover sticker goo from the previous owner or some stubborn tape that won’t budge? The World Enterprises 6 Inch Scraper, after heavily lubricating the glass with your solution, can fix that mess right away. This scraper includes 1 stainless steel razor blade and a safety cover to protect you and your blade when it’s tucked away on your belt.

But always remember to test out your scraper in the bottom corner of the glass to make sure there isn’t any tint on it, for it can be damaged irreversibly with a scraper.

For scraping windows safely, refer to this article here.

The Solution to Speeding By

For ideal lubrication when cleaning storefronts, the Titan Glass Gleam 4 Soap will give you the professionalism you’ll need to scrub away dirt, along with the perk of removing some hard water stains easier than a less-concentrated alternative. Not only is Titan Glass Gleam 4 highly concentrated as 1 gallon can make 512 gallons of solution, it features a consistent formula that many other brands struggle to compare with. Biodegradable, USDA approved, and a Green-approved product, this will also please clients with its light scent and non-toxic chemical composition.

All of these products wouldn’t mean a thing without your bucket. So, get your hands on a World Enterprise Round Bucket, which is deep enough to fit your long squeegee channels, t-bars, and solution when on the job. This easy-to-carry, 5-gallon bucket comes with a lid to store your tools in when the day is done. Plus, the color choices are vast, so you can brand your window cleaning company to best fit your style.

Detail the Dirt Away

Once you’ve conquered your windows, frames, stickers, and tight corners, you’ll want to leave your precious work absolutely spotless. Achieve perfection with a towel, such as the XERO Fish Scale Towel. Providing streak-free results to window cleaners everywhere, this unique fish scale woven towel lifts dirt into the cloth and away from the glass, trapping it within the fibers. If your interior has dust on the frames, this towel dry is ideal for collecting it, as it creates a static charge to trap dust within its fibers, too! This high-absorption towel will leave your windows crystal-clear, and can even go up on your pole tip to access any smudges that you may have missed while working with the extension pole.

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