How can you Clean Sash Windows from the Inside?

How can you Clean Sash Windows from the Inside?

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How can you Clean Sash Windows from the Inside?

Window cleaners, we’ve all experienced the nightmare of cleaning sash windows from the inside of someone’s home:

You’re scrubbing away with your stripwasher, when suddenly the water starts dripping down, you can’t grab your towel fast enough, and it spreads. Drips on the floor from the many frames of a sash window can be a real hassle.

But don’t worry, for there are certain ways to prevent this issue from happening.

This week, Window Cleaner University is coming at you once again with a nifty article on how to clean sash windows from the inside of the home, without the dramatics of water dripping where you don’t want it to.

What Defines a Sash Window?

A sash window, aside from being a window cleaner’s frenemy, is any window that does not open on a hinge, meaning there is no outward swing. To open them, they either slide up, across, or vertically. Sliding sash windows are traditionally constructed with two sashes that fit securely into the frame in front of one another.

Common types of sash windows are Georgian or “six over six” panes, Victorian or a “two over two” grid design, Edwardian, or “six over two”, and Yorkshire, which are horizontally sliding sash windows, where either one or both of the panes can slide open.

The “pain” about cleaning these types of sash windows indoors has much to do with the soap solution running down the frame onto the wall and floor, not having the right sized squeegee or stripwasher to fit the mold, and having multiple tight corners to get all dirt and grime out of. Not only can this get unnecessarily messy, but tedious, too. Plus, the more separations there are on each window, the higher the chances are of water dripping down.

These issues, although annoying, can absolutely be prevented with simple technical alterations, and equipment updates.

Quick Tips for Cleaning Sash Windows:

  • The water does not need to run off the top sash onto the bottom window if, while cleaning, you wash the top sashes first, wait for them to dry completely while catching drips with a towel, then wash the bottom sashes.

  • Although this may increase the time spent on each window in the home, it will make the cleaning process easier.

  • Squeegee channels can be cut down to size using a clamp and a table saw. Once they’re labeled with the size window they can fit into, cleaning sash windows will be a breeze.

Let’s talk about some equipment that can help you speed up this process so you can “sashay” through cleaning your sash windows.

Solutions for Cleaning Sash Windows

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Utilizing the Sprayway Glass Cleaner is a great method to defy drips. This product produces a heavy-duty foam that clings to vertical surfaces due to its chemical composition and dense nature. It is guaranteed to leave a clear surface without film, and contains perfume-grade alcohol to provide a stellar performance. The reason why window cleaners love to use this product indoors is because it doesn’t drip easily from surfaces and leaves a streak-free shine on glass. It is a minimalistic way to clean lighter messes with maximum results. Pair it with a microfiber towel like the Pulex Microfiber Towel, and cut back your time spent per sash pane.

IPC Eagle Cleano System

To reach tall indoor windows with minimal dripping, take the IPC Eagle Cleano System for a spin. This indoor microfiber cleaning system is super lightweight, as it is constructed with aluminum and plastic. The attached pole can reach all the way up to 41 feet overhead, and it features a spin-lock system so you can hold it in place and control your movements easier. With a Solution Globe at the bottom for holding your pure water or solution, just squeeze the green lever and send controlled amounts of liquid up to the top of the pad. This system allows you to manipulate the amount of water used, which helps it remain where it’s supposed to, and stops it from running down all over the frames. To help the water evaporate faster, mix in some rubbing alcohol, with a ratio of 1:1. A little bit of solution goes a long way.

IPC Eagle Hydro Bottle Kit

If you’re looking to purify water in a cinch, the IPC Eagle Hydro Bottle Kit is a sure-fire way to get this done. Equipped with a small bag of DI resin, simply fill the bottle with tap water, shake with the bag inside, and you’re ready to go. This bottle is super handy to keep with you while working inside, as it allows you to control the flow of the pure water easier. This is not recommended for areas with hard water.

Unger SpeedClean Window Kit Deluxe

The Unger SpeedClean Window Kit Deluxe system is similar to the IPC Eagle Hydro Clean in that you can reach tall windows. However, there are differences that make both special, and one may suit your needs over the other. The Unger SpeedClean reaches heights up to 6-feet, includes three pole sections made of aluminum, and has a sprayer on a belt that you can apply to the included cleaning pads. The shorter microfiber pads are ideal for polishing the glass after using the longer pads to remove heavier dirt and grime.

This system helps minimize the risk of spills, drips, and streaks, as the teeth of the pad holder securely hold the washing pads in place, and they are not supposed to be saturated but dampened. You can use the Sprayer on a Belt to directly apply your solution to the pad and begin cleaning instantly with this convenient hand-held tool. You won’t even need to carry a bucket inside the house. Just keep your solution neatly in the sprayer. Once you’re finished cleaning the windows at the top, utilize the handheld aluminum pad holder to clean the lower ones. This is sturdy and durable in design and compatible with Unger pads.

Pain Relief from French Panes

Now, let’s say you’re working with windows that are too narrow for these types of systems. The beauty of window cleaning is the adaptability of the products. Many window cleaners have shared experiences of cutting their squeegee channels down to size. This can be done easier with a softer metal like aluminum. A squeegee channel such as the Ettore Aluminum Squeegee Channel is prime for cutting down. Having these pre-cut squeegee channels available will help you get into the tightest spaces. But, we’ve also got a French-pane-powerhouse of a squeegee channel that is little, yet mighty.

The light and durable Moerman Liquidator Squeegee Channel 3.0 now comes in a compact 6-inch channel and is pre-loaded with Moerman’s mid-weight NXT-R rubber. This mid-weight rubber is perfect for cleaning no matter what the temperature is, and the plastic channel contains integrated clips which pinch it securely in place. It is compatible with all Moerman handles, and even some handles by Pulex, Steccone, and Unger.

This versatile channel’s companion for replacing its rubber is the Moerman NXT-R Squeegee Rubber. This is available pre-cut in a 6-inch length, but can also be purchased larger if a more specific length is desired, so it can be cut down to perfectly suit your needs.

To make a custom squeegee rubber, use the Ronan Multi-Cut Rubber Cutter. This handy tool allows you to trim your rubber to fit whichever size channel you are using, including a customized one cut down by you. The Ronan Multi-Cut’s blade comes down onto a flat anvil, which is necessary for cutting thick, dense materials. What’s more, this tool includes inch graduations etched into the blade for taking easy measurements for accurate slicing. This tool also features an ergonomically friendly handle, constructed with grooves to be able to fit any sized hand. Finally, the safety lock ensures that the tool stays closed when in your toolbox or on your belt, and is coated to resist rust and corrosion. This tool will help you customize your squeegee rubber to match any sized channel when you need it most, and comes especially in handy when approaching sash windows with a size that isn’t quite right for the equipment you have at hand.

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