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IPC Eagle

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IPC Eagle Cleano System

The IPC Eagle Hydro Cleano Indoor Water-Fed System, also known as the Cleano, is an extendable tool for cleaning indoor windows and other washable surfaces. This system is lightweight, sturdy, adjustable, and easy to use. It’s an efficient and effective tool that is the result of years of research and testing.

The Cleano combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber to get rid of all kinds of dirt and grime from windows and other non-porous surfaces. With the IPC Eagle Cleano System, cleaning indoor windows and other surfaces is a lot faster and more effortless.

How Does the IPC Eagle Cleano System Work?

This system is designed for indoor glass cleaning, utilizing pure water in conjunction with microfiber pads to maintain hard-to-reach glass or areas where water cannot be dripped.

This system is filled with pure water, which is misted over the top of the microfiber pad. The damp microfiber pad polishes the glass surface clean without the use of chemicals or a squeegee rubber.

Ergonomic Design

The IPC Eagle Cleano system is made from durable yet lightweight aluminum, and it is engineered with a versatile swivel system that is entirely mechanical. This combination enables the user to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease so you aren't straining and stretching to reach. The 2 Foot Cleano measures 32 inches from pad to the end of the globe and the 5 Foot Cleano is approximately 44 inches. The 25' and 35' are constructed with premium-quality Carbon Fiber.


The Cleano significantly reduces the time to clean. Its compact and maneuverable design allows the user to access and clean small corners and hard-to-reach areas without having to waste time getting obstacles and furniture out of the way. The IPC Cleano system minimizes the time it takes to wash and dry surfaces.


There’s no need for harsh cleaning agents, soaps, and detergents with the IPC Cleano system. The Cleano has a special micro-spray system that delivers just the right amount of pure water to soften the dirt, making it easy for the microfiber pad to remove dirt. This makes the Cleano system completely environmentally friendly and safe for windows and other surfaces.

Product Name Collapsed Height* Cleaning Height** Number of Pads Included Material
Cleano - 1 Foot 20 Inches 2 Pads Aluminum
Cleano - 2 Foot 35 Inches 8 Foot 3 Pads Aluminum
Cleano - 5 Foot 48 Inches 11 Foot 3 Pads Aluminum
Cleano - 10 Foot 82 Inches 16 Foot 3 Pads Aluminum
Cleano - 25 Foot 91 Inches 31 Foot 3 Pads Carbon Fiber
Cleano - 35 Foot 96 Inches 41 Foot 3 Pads Carbon Fiber

*Collapsed height is from pad to end of globe
** Cleaning height based on average user height

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  • What is the size of the pad holder on this unit?

    The standard size that comes on the Cleano System is 9 x 4 inches

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