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About the Unger SpeedClean Window Kit - Deluxe

There's no risk of spills, drips, or streaks with the Unger SpeedClean Kit!

The kit includes a 6-foot three section pole for you to attach the aluminum pad holder. The teeth of the pad holder grab onto the back of the washing and cleaning pad to securely hold it in place. Use the Sprayer on a Belt to apply cleaning solution directly to the pad and you're ready to clean! The short microfiber pads are great for polishing, while the long pads are excellent at removing heavier dirt and grime.

This Kit Includes:

  • Sprayer on a Belt
  • Aluminum Pad Holder
  • Handheld Aluminum Pad Holder
  • Microfiber Washing Pads
  • Microfiber Cleaning Pads
  • HiFlo Euro Thread Adapter
  • OptiLoc 3-Section Pole

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  • Can you machine wash the pads?

    Yes. No high heat dry.

  • How many of each type of pad are there? How much are more pads?

    Thanks for posting this question. This kit includes 3 washing pads and 3 cleaning pads. You will find links to the Washing and Cleaning pads below. Washing Pad Cleaning Pad

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