Tucker® has been making quality waterfed poles, systems and accessories for nearly 60 years. They are known as the first WaterFed Pole Manufacturer. Tucker products are made right here in the USA with only the highest qualities materials so you can ensure you are getting the best products.

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  1. Tucker Turnkey Tier 1 Complete Package View
    Tucker Turnkey Tier 1 - Carbon Fiber - 1 Operator
  2. Tucker-Turnkey-Tier-2-Aluminum-Package
    Tucker Turnkey Tier 2 - Aluminum - 1 Operator
  3. Tucker-Turnkey-Tier-2-Carbon-Fiber-Package
    Tucker Turnkey Tier 2 - Carbon Fiber - 1 Operator
  4. Tucker-Turnkey-Tier-3-Aluminum-Dual-User-Package
    Tucker Turnkey Tier 3 - Aluminum - 2 Operator
  5. Tucker-Turnkey-Tier-3-Carbon-Fiber-Dual-User-Package
    Tucker Turnkey Tier 3 - Carbon Fiber - 2 Operator
  6. Tucker 4060 RO/DI Cart Front View
    Tucker 4060 RO/DI Cart
    Special Price $2,924.62 $3,144.75
  7. Tucker RO/DI Cart Sale View
    Tucker RO/DI Cart
    Special Price $1,699.00 $2,053.77
  8. Tucker-RO/DI-Cart-with-Carbon-Fiber-Pole
    Tucker RO/DI Cart With Tucker Carbon Fiber Pole

    Starting at $2,881.94

  9. Tucker-RO/DI-Cart-with-ASH-Model-Pole-Front-View
    Tucker RO/DI Cart With Tucker Pole ASH Model

    Starting at $2,124.00

  10. Tucker Fill N Go System Dual User
    Tucker Fill N Go System

    Starting at $5,027.97

  11. Tucker-Pro-Rinse-Pure-Water-Detailing-System-Main-View
    Tucker Pro-Rinse Pure Water Detailing System
    Special Price $251.40 $270.32
  12. Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole 25 Foot
    Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

    Starting at $905.21

  13. Tucker ECO Carbon Fiber Pole 30 Foot Front View
    Tucker ECO Carbon Fiber Pole

    Starting at $501.89

  14. Tucker ECO Hybrid Pole Full View
    Tucker ECO Hybrid Pole
    Special Price $200.15 $215.22
  15. Tucker ECO MINI Pole Front View
    Tucker ECO MINI Pole
    Special Price $703.05 $755.97
  16. Tucker ECO-SOLAR Complete View
    Tucker ECO-SOLAR Pole
    Special Price $603.57 $649.00
  17. Tucker Ultra MINI Water Fed Pole
    Tucker Ultra MINI Water Fed Pole
  18. Tucker Ultra MAX Water Fed Pole
    Tucker Ultra MAX Water Fed Pole
  19. Tucker-Pole-System-ASH-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - ASH Model

    Starting at $226.31

  20. Tucker-Pole-System-ADH-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - ADH Model

    Starting at $251.45

  21. Tucker-Pole-System-B-Model-Full-View
    Tucker Pole System - B Model

    Starting at $316.82

  22. Tucker-Pole-System-C-Model-Front-View
    Tucker Pole System - C Model

    Starting at $311.80

  23. Tucker Carbon Fiber 35 Extension Front View
    Tucker 3K Carbon Fiber Extension

    Starting at $514.09

  24. Tucker Two Piece Extension Front View
    Tucker 3K Two Piece Extension
    Special Price $602.47 $647.82
  25. Tucker-Aluminum-Gooseneck-Main-View
    Tucker Gooseneck

    Starting at $10.00

  26. Tucker Swivel Gooseneck Main View
    Tucker Swivel Gooseneck
  27. Tucker Carbon Fiber Gooseneck Main View
    Tucker Carbon Fiber Gooseneck

    Starting at $77.25

  28. Tucker Double Trim Brush - Without Head
    Tucker Double Trim Brush - Without Head

    Starting at $60.00

  29. Tucker Double Trim Brush - With Head
    Tucker Double Trim Brush - With Head

    Starting at $75.02

  30. Tucker Alpha Brush Boars Hair Front View
    Tucker Alpha Brush

    Starting at $193.20

  31. Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush
    Tucker Dual Trim Hybrid Brush

    Starting at $87.55

  32. Tucker-Limited-Edition-Alpha-Brush-Nylon-Front-View
    Tucker Alpha Brush - Limited Edition

    Starting at $159.00

  33. Tucker Alpha Blue Brush Premium Limited Edition Front View
  34. Tucker Blue Nylon Alpha Brush Front View
    Tucker Alpha Brush Blue

    Starting at $159.00

    Out of stock
  35. Tucker Blue Brush with Black Rinse Bar Front View
    Tucker Blue Brush with Black Rinse Bar

    Starting at $119.00

    Out of stock
  36. Tucker-Dual-Trim-Brush-with-Black-Rinse-Bar-Front-View
    Tucker Dual Trim Brush with Black Rinse Bar

    Starting at $119.00

  37. Tucker-Nylon-Dual-Trim-Brush-Main-View
    Tucker Dual Trim Brush

    Starting at $69.00

  38. Tucker-Dual-Trim-Nylon-Brush-with-Green-Rinse-Bar-Front-View
    Tucker Dual Trim Brush with Green Rinse Bar

    Starting at $119.00

  39. Tucker-Boars-Hair-Brush-Front-View
    Tucker Boar's Hair Brush

    Starting at $124.95

  40. Tucker Alpha Phantom 12 Inch Brush Bottom View
    Tucker Alpha Phantom Brush

    Starting at $181.00

  41. Tucker Alpha Brush Black Front View
    Tucker Alpha Brush Black
  42. Tucker Rad Pad Holder Back View
    Tucker Alpha Rad Pad Holder
    Out of stock
  43. Tucker Metal Over the Top Rinse Bar Front View
    Tucker Over the Top Rinse Bar

    Starting at $29.95

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When people think of waterfed poles, the name “Tucker” historically comes to mind. For decades, the Tucker Pole System served as the forerunner to what would become today’s waterfed pole industry. Tucker was the first to develop poles for the window cleaning industry, and in recent years – under the guidance of Shawn Gavin –  the Tucker brand has again become a leader in the waterfed pole industry.

Tucker’s roots go all the way back to 1945. Following WWII, Irv Tucker began Tucker Manufacturing, Incorporated, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Tucker originally started out salvaging scrap aluminium from aircraft and recycling it into gas hot plates and heaters for agricultural water tanks. Always an inventor, in 1955 Tucker invented a consumer-grade car and home-washing kit that used a three- to six-foot pole.

Next, the University of Iowa noticed Tucker’s consumer washing kit and inquired about having a similar system built to clean the three- and four-story windows on campus. By 1957, Tucker Manufacturing entered the commercial market with the introduction of the Tucker High Level Window Washer, which was later renamed the “Tucker Pole” in the 1980s.

The invention of the Tucker Pole preceded the development of the extension pole in the painting or window cleaning industries. The early Tucker Pole used a single rubber hose with an optional soap dispenser. Eventually, vinyl hose replaced the rubber version, which allowed for a dual-hose design.

Tucker’s original standard brushes were made of horsehair, while the deluxe brushes used Chinese pig bristle. In the 1970s, the introduction of semi-automatic brush-making equipment changed the way brushes were made, and nylon became the material of choice.  Today, the Tucker Brush remains the number one cleaning brush in the world.

The Tucker window-cleaning system originally sold through direct mail and newspaper advertising. A Japanese company ran across one of Tucker’s ads in the early 1960s, which eventually led to the start of Tucker’s overseas’ distributorship in 1964. By the 1990s, Tucker poles were also being sold across Europe and the Middle East. In 1990, the State of Iowa honored Tucker for its successful exporting business.

Irv Tucker died in 1975. His son, Tom, who took over the company, died in August 2014. In 2015, Shawn Gavin, owner of Reach Higher Ground (RHG), purchased Tucker Manufacturing with plans for continuing the Tucker tradition while moving the line forward with modern-day enhancements.

Tucker and RHG

Shawn Gavin got his start as the owner of a window cleaning business who began using waterfed poles to gain access high windows. Feeling that the spot-free water systems on the market were too expensive, he decided instead to build his own. Next, he took his homemade pole to a window cleaning event where he demonstrated it for a group of peers, and someone bought his system on the spot. That led Gavin decided to manufacture more waterfed poles, which eventually led to starting RHG.

As a supplier to the window cleaning industry, Gavin would frequently receive calls looking for alternatives to the RHG system. Specifically, the Tucker brand had built a large and faithful worldwide following among window cleaners, janitorial companies, and facility managers alike. By purchasing Tucker, Gavin not only gained access to 60 years’ worth of faithful customers, he was given a new opportunity to introduce the Tucker market to additional water system technology. The acquisition of Tucker provided RHG with the opportunity to offer a complete product line featuring the best known waterfed poles and the number one window cleaning brush in the world.

Today, Gavin is continuously looking for way to improve Tucker’s original products. For example, one of the first changes that Gavin and his team made was to adopt a plastic clamping mechanism instead of the old metal style clamp. This is just one of several small changes that have been implemented to improve the product in the long run.

Tucker is also known for their high quality, reliable waterfed pole brushes. Using both natural boars’ hair and/or nylon bristles, Tucker’s brushes feature a high bristle count, making it an aggressive brush that offers consistent results and lasts for years. Today’s brushes are available with Euro thread adapters so that they can fit on any brand of waterfed pole.

Tucker brushes also have multiple waterfed jet types and configurations, using both pencil jets and fan jets. Pencil jets are a good choice for situation with low water pressure or water conservation, in that they shoot a powerful, thin stream, which provides a heavier rinse. Fan jets have larger jets that slow water down, providing better coverage for easier and faster rinsing.

Tucker also now offers a portable, user-friendly, pure water cart featuring a three-stage filtration system, as well as the Fill N Go four-stage system.  We also carry Tucker gutter cleaning equipment like the Gutter-Pro Vac and Tucker Pole Set. Replacement Tucker parts and fittings like goosenecks, gaskets and adapters are also available.

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