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  1. Titan Glass Gleam 3 Gallon Main View
    Titan Glass Gleam 3 Soap

    Starting at $15.94

  2. Titan Glass Gleam 4 Gallon Main View
    Titan Glass Gleam 4 Soap

    Starting at $15.04

  3. Titan-Oil-Flo-Main-View
    Titan Oil Flo Stain Remover

    Starting at $19.27

  4. Titan-Cement-Off-Gallon-Main-View
    Titan Cement Off Solvent

    Starting at $15.25

  5. Titan-A1-Hardwater-Stain-Remover-Gallon
    Titan A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover

    Starting at $18.94

  6. Titan Green Cleaner
    Titan Green Cleaner

    Starting at $14.63

  7. Titan-Glass-Gleam-Solar-Gallon
    Titan Glass Gleam Solar Cleaner

    Starting at $19.72

  8. Titan Glass Gleam Glide Main View
    Titan Glass Gleam Glide Solution

    Starting at $8.49

  9. Titan Glass Gleam Floater Bottle
    Titan Glass Gleam Floater Bottle

    Starting at $6.70

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Since 1984, Titan Laboratories has been producing time-saving solutions for several distinct markets, including window cleaning, roofing, paving, carpet care, flooring, adhesive removal, janitorial, and others. Titan is a trusted brand of window cleaning soaps and chemicals.

For over 30 years, Titan has created unique cleaning solutions that have set the standard for safety and effectiveness. In fact, it’s Titans policy that if they cannot make a product that is safer and more effective than more hazardous products on the market, they simply don’t make them.

Titan’s products use no harmful or hazardous chemicals, are biodegradable, and are safe for use around people and pets.  All products work on contact, so there’s never a required dwell time. They also leave no residue and are simple to clean up.

Window Cleaning Resource carries a variety of Titan Cleaning Solutions, including:

  • Glass Gleam 3 (GG-3) and Glass Gleam 4 (GG-4) are our two most popular products from Titan, both specifically designed for use with a squeegee.  GG-3 works well in areas with soft water, while GG-4 contains polymeric water softeners, making it ideal for areas with hard water. Both GG-3 and 4 are professional window cleaning soaps with numerous benefits, including great results, gentle to hands, almost no bleed-back, drag reduction, consistent formula, pleasant scent, and more. Both products are super concentrated, which saves on shipping cost, storage cost, packaging cost and reduces crew restocking time. Special dispensing bottles available.

  • Glass Gleam Glide is an easy-to-use professional glide additive that fixes hard-water drag and chatter issues. It also helps speed up your squeegee skills without making your tools or hands slippery and without leaving residue behind. The recommended ratio is 1/10 ounce per gallon, but can be adjusted to personal preference. It ships in an easy-to-measure-and-pour pint size bottle to help reduce waste.

  • Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner is a super-strength concentrate with exceptional cleaning and degreasing ability, allowing it to remove dirt, grease, oil, soot, vegetation, food stains, and other contaminants quickly from a variety of washable surfaces, including windows. Titan Green removes sun-baked grease as well as tough nicotine stains, and fire and smoke stains from restaurant windows, fluorescent light reflectors, lucabond panels, and more.

  • Oil-Flo 141 Safety Solvent Cleaner dissolves hard-to-clean residues, organic stains and other substances. The product bonds to the stain and emulsifies it, then bonds to the oxygen molecules present in water, allowing a final cleanup with a rinse with plain water. It is recommended for interior for applications like flooring, adhesive removal, carpet cleaning, vehicle interiors, garages, etc. The water-soluble stain remover also removes crayon, magic marker, chewing gum, lipstick, and tape, and is safe for use on plexiglass.

  • Titan A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover removes hard water stains from glass, ceramic, steel, and other hard surfaces. It also removes and cleans mineral deposits, acid rain, cement leaching, silica, screen burn, soap scum, oxidation, scale, lime, corrosion, chalking, and rust. A-1 Hardwater Stain Remover is a non-acid and contains a uniquely engineered abrasive that greatly speeds cleaning and restoration of glass, metals, porcelain, fiberglass, and tile. Works quickly and no special equipment is required.

  • Titan Glass Gleam Solar is quickly becoming one of the most effective solar cleaners on the market, and works similarly to Glass Gleam 4, but with features more suited for cleaning panels with a squeegee or water fed pole. GG-Solar contains polymeric water softeners to condition the water which greatly reduces dirt re-deposition. This feature alone makes Glass Gleam Solar highly desirable in areas of hard water. Other features include low fragrance, optimized foam level, kind to your hands, and an orange color indicator to reveal that it has been added to the bucket or spray bottle.

  • Titan Cement Off is an environmentally-friendly solvent designed to safely remove cement, concrete, stucco, and grout from glass, window frames, ceramic, wood, and other surfaces.  

WCR carries these Titan products and more, as well as float bottles to hold, measure and dispense liquid. 

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