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  1. Ettore-Taper-T-Bar-Full-View
    Ettore Taper T-Bar

    Starting at $6.87

  2. Ettore-Pro+-Fixed-T-Bar-Full-View
    Ettore Pro+ Fixed T-Bar

    Starting at $5.47

  3. Ettore-ProGrip-T-Bar-Full-View
    Ettore ProGrip T-Bar

    Starting at $7.93

  4. Ettore-Pro+-Super-System-T-Bar-Full-View
    Ettore Pro+ Super System T-Bar

    Starting at $12.40

  5. Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar
    Moerman Ergonomic T-Bar

    Starting at $7.32

  6. Moerman-Mono-Ergonomic-T-Bar-Full-View
    Moerman Mono Ergonomic T-Bar

    Starting at $6.40

    Out of stock
  7. Moerman Swivel T-Bar
    Moerman Swivel T-Bar

    Starting at $15.18

  8. Moerman-Combinator-T-Bar-Main-View
    Moerman Combinator T-Bar

    Starting at $6.57

  9. Pro Plastic T-Bar
    Pro Plastic T-Bar

    Starting at $8.65

  10. Pro Ergonomic T-Bar - Blue
    Pro Ergonomic T-Bar - Blue

    Starting at $3.45

  11. Pro Ergonomic T-Bar - Purple and Black
    Pro Ergonomic T-Bar - Purple and Black

    Starting at $3.40

  12. Pulex-Plastic-T-Bar-Red-Full-View
    Pulex Plastic Red T-Bar

    Starting at $4.55

  13. Pulex-Plastic-T-Bar-Full-View
    Pulex Plastic T-Bar

    Starting at $4.55

  14. Pulex-Aluminum-T-Bar-Full-View
    Pulex Aluminum T-Bar

    Starting at $6.25

  15. Pulex TechnoLite T-Bar
    Pulex TechnoLite T-Bar

    Starting at $9.18

  16. Pulex-Swivel-T-Bar-Main-Front-View
    Pulex Swivel T-Bar

    Starting at $9.44

  17. Sorbo Fixed T-Bar
    Sorbo Fixed T-Bar

    Starting at $7.04

  18. Sorbo-Swivel-T-Bar-Full-View
    Sorbo Swivel T-Bar

    Starting at $13.25

  19. Unger-Ergotec-Ninja-T-Bar-Full-View
    Unger ErgoTec Ninja T-Bar

    Starting at $16.32

  20. Unger-Ergotec-T-Bar-Full-View
    Unger ErgoTec T-Bar

    Starting at $9.99

  21. Unger-SwivelStrip-T-Bar-Full-View
    Unger SwivelStrip T-Bar

    Starting at $18.02

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T-bars are essential tools for any professional window cleaner. Weight and durability are two important considerations when choosing a T-bar. Enjoy T-bars from brands such as Ettore, Moerman, Pulex, Sorbo, Unger and Wagtail. T-bar sizes will vary on the specific brand. Most are available in standard sizes: 10 in, 14 in, 18 in, and 22 in. Some T-bars feature an ergonomic handle for more grip and control. Other types operate on a swivel design or are ideal in pole work. Certain T-bars also come in a variety of colors as well. Pro T-bars, for example, come in blue, purple, black and grey. Replacement washer sleeves are also available.

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