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  1. Sorbo Complete Swivel Squeegee
    Sorbo Complete Swivel Squeegee

    From $26.20

    To $42.05

  2. Sorbo Complete Aluminum Fast Release Squeegee
    Sorbo Complete Aluminum Fast Release Squeegee

    From $33.51

    To $41.72

  3. Sorbo Complete Yellow Jacket Stripwasher
    Sorbo Complete Yellow Jacket Stripwasher

    Starting at $19.08

  4. Sorbo Extension Pole California Dream
    Sorbo Extension Pole California Dream

    Starting at $44.79

  5. Sorbo Tricket
    Sorbo Tricket

    Starting at $32.50

  6. Sorbo Tricket Replacements
    Sorbo Tricket Replacements

    Starting at $12.20

  7. Sorbo-Swivel-Handle-Black-Front
  8. Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel
    Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel

    Starting at $9.06

  9. Sorbo-Black-Mamba-Channel-Main-View
    Sorbo Black Mamba Squeegee Channel

    Starting at $19.01

  10. Sorbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel
    Sorbo Eliminator Squeegee Channel

    Starting at $96.00

  11. Sorbo-Quicksilver-Channel-Main-View
    Sorbo Quicksilver Squeegee Channel

    Starting at $7.15

  12. Sorbo Silverado Squeegee Channel
    Sorbo Silverado Squeegee Channel

    Starting at $7.84

  13. Sorbo Natural Rubber Gross Rolled
    Sorbo Natural Squeegee Rubber - Gross

    Starting at $175.00

  14. Sorbo-Swivel-T-Bar-Full-View
    Sorbo Swivel T-Bar

    Starting at $13.25

  15. Sorbo Fixed T-Bar
    Sorbo Fixed T-Bar

    Starting at $7.04

  16. Sorbo-Yellow-Jacket-Sleeve-Full-View
    Sorbo Yellow Jacket Sleeve

    Starting at $9.95

  17. Sorbo Yellow Jacket Scrubber Sleeve
    Sorbo Yellow Jacket Scrubber Sleeve

    Starting at $14.04

  18. Sorbo White Sleeve
    Sorbo White Sleeve

    Starting at $6.93

  19. Sorbo-Stain-Remover-Front-View
    Sorbo Hard Stain Remover Solution

    Starting at $13.84

  20. Sorbo Squeegee Glide Solution
    Sorbo Squeegee Glide Solution

    Starting at $12.04

  21. Sorbo-Scraper-Holster-Front-View
    Sorbo Scraper Holster
  22. Sorbo Dual Holster
    Sorbo Dual Holster
  23. Sorbo Steel Wool Holster
    Sorbo Steel Wool Holster
  24. Sorbo Replacement Plastic Cone
    Sorbo Replacement Plastic Cone

    Starting at $6.68

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Sorbo Samuelsson is a true inventor, known for his friendly personality and his ability to create unique tools designed to make window cleaning easier and more efficient.

In 1971, twenty-four-year-old Sorbo came to the U.S. from Sweden to stay awhile with a friend in Palm Springs, California. After a few months, money began to get a little tight and he looked for someone who might hire him. He was referred to the owner of a window cleaning company, where he ended up working the next three years. Only, his customers continually told him he did a better job cleaning than his boss, and he should really go out on his own. So he did.

As a window cleaner, Sorbo recognized that time was money and he would look for ways to work more efficiently. For example, he’d run rather than walk between windows. He’d carry all his tools from window to window so he never had to go back to dig out a tool.  And he never took a lunch break – only eating when he was traveling between jobs.

He also continuously tried to figure out how to make tools that would make cleaning more efficient. For example, one of his early customers as an apartment complex that no one else wanted. Each of the 350 apartments had a kitchen window that was about three feet tall and had five louvres. Every time he cleaned them, he thought to himself there had to be an easier way. Then one day, he had the idea of taking his Ettore squeegee, flattening it out in the middle, bending it like a tong, and adjusting it to a right angle so that it received the same amount of pressure all the way along. It work well, and he used it for year because he couldn’t afford to make a more refined version.

Another invention resulted from a pinched nerve in his lower back, which made it painfully obvious how many times he had to bend over each day cleaning windows – i.e., 300 or more. He wanted to come up with something that would prevent him from having to bend over so much. The idea came when cleaning a customer’s house that had a steel flower stand – essentially a round ring with four legs on it. This eventually led to the invention of the Sorbo Quadropod, a portable and maneuverable bucket stand that has four tool holders and folding legs, designed to keep window cleaners from having to bend over so much.

In the 1980s, Sorbo began to realize that the tools he created for his own business should be marketed to other window cleaners. That’s when Sorbo Products was born.

Of all the products Sorbo invented and introduced to the market, the most well-known and widely used is the 3x4 adjustable squeegee system. Its singular design paved the way for unprecedented and unparalleled window cleaning tools. With the 3x4 system, Sorbo Samuelsson had a very clear goal: to create tools that could better fit any job at hand and extend control all the way down to squeegee rubber stiffness.

The heart of the 3x4 system is the adjustable channel, which features four levels of adjustment to allow the user to adapt the channel precisely to each job. The adjustable channel began with Sorbo’s effort to conserve petroleum-based products during the 1970s oil crisis. He came up with an adjustable design that allowed the rubber blade to be trimmed up to 12 times before discarding, as well as the Docket Squeegee Blade Sharpener to trim the rubber. Fabricating the new design required a manufacturing process that had never been used in making squeegees before, which allowed him to increase the length of the channels, first to 36” – 12 inches longer than the longest channel on the market at that time – and later all the way to 78”.

The new process worked better with aluminum, which created  the straighter, stiffer channels needed to make longer channels. However, longer, more efficient channels required adjustable channels to gain more control of rubber stiffness, in turn improving its adaptability and performance. Sorbo also painstakingly researched developing a rubber formula with superior consistency and resiliency that could be resharpened.

The 3x4 system is uniquely qualified to help with any window-cleaning challenge, with a variety of 3x4 squeegees in varying sizes. The Eliminator – which ranges in size from 48” to 72” –  quickly cleans storefront windows. The Multi-Squeegee is great for cleaning French doors and multi-pained windows, and can clean up to six small window panes in one stroke. The lightweight Black Mamba is designed for 90-degree straight pulls, and is great for pole work.  

Sorbo also offers to primary types of squeegee handles: the Sorbo Swivel and the Fast Release Aluminum handle, both of which allow the user to clean windows using an up-and-down or sideways motion. Sorbo’s handles are made for longevity, and feature a quick-release feature, making it quick and easy to swap out channels.

WCR offers a variety of Sorbo products.

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