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IPC Pulex is the glass cleaning equipment and accessories member of the IPC (Integrated Professional Cleaning) Group, a European manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment known for offering a complete range of pressure washers, scrubber driers, manual tools, and more.

Established in 1963, at the dawn of the industrial cleaning sector in Europe, IPC Pulex has built its 50+ years of success through both the company’s strong drive towards innovation and its high degree of specialization.

Through targeted research, IPC Pulex has created a complete range of glass cleaning products for industrial, commercial, and residential architecture worldwide. IPC Pulex offers a full line of squeegees, telescopic handles, fleeces, scrapers, floor squeegees, buckets, prehensile tongs, and other accessories used for glass cleaning. Each item is designed and produced from the best quality materials available to optimize the cleaning of even the most difficult glass surfaces.

Because the rubber blade is the main component in window cleaning squeegees and essential for obtaining perfect cleaning in varied situations, Pulex considers the most important tool in their arsenal of cleaning tools to be their Total Quality Rubber, or TQR. IPC Pulex rubber maintains seven fundamental aspect to make it the ideal combination of type and composition, quality and cleaning action:

1. Pulex only uses natural vulcanized rubber (NR), which is accurately selected and subjected to organic and chemical testing at the source to ensure that the raw materials are homogenous.

2. All of Pulex’s raw materials come from Malaysia. Having a single supply source helps consistently ensure quality, and makes analysis, purification, and processing easier as well.

3. Pulex has 30 years of micro-filtration experience, which eliminates all impurities and vegetable residues using filter membranes with microscopic pores of 0.1 to 10 µm in diameter.

4. Similarly, Pulex has 30 years of experience in special additive blending, which allows them to obtain a mix with perfect molecular dispersion, reticulation, elasticity, resilience, hardness, weather and chemical resistance.

5. Their single, hot compression molding process uses a powerful press to produce a strip that eliminates all substances that could weaken the end product and cause uneven grip between the rubber and the glass, or speed up blade wear.

6. Their patented single action cutting gives the blades a superior sharp edge. The blades are tested before being cut into the proper lengths, then subjected to further optical, electronic and computerized testing to ensure the cleaning edge is perfectly straight.

7. Each blade is individually checked, testing the perfection of the two cleaning edges and that the area around the cutting edges is free from defects. Pulex’s time-consuming and laborious tests lead to a large number of rejects, but ensure that all acceptable rubber meets their prestigious TQR standards.

In addition to their Total Quality Rubber, Pulex offers a squeegee line that is extremely wide, varied, and functional. Some of the most popular models of IPC Pulex squeegees include:

  • The brass squeegee is available with a variety of handle types.

  • The stainless steel squeegee can be disassembled into three main components: the supporting channel, the rubber blade and the handle with a securing spring;

  • The Swivel squeegee is specially designed to clean difficult windows, such as those with tight corners or unusual shapes.

  • The Alumax squeegee is intended for cleaning large windows, and features an extra-long channel made from high-impact, aircraft-grade extruded aluminum alloy.

  • The All-Aluminum squeegee is built for those seeking a durable, lighter-weight option.

  • The top-quality, lightweight plastic squeegee is specifically designed with a "honeycomb" like bar that holds a ton of water, saving trips to the bucket.

  • The new Technolite features a lightweight, ergonomic rubber grip, making the handle easier on your hands and more secure. It also features a quick release for fast channel swapping.

  • The new Technoduo, which combines the cleaning force of the MicroTiger washer with the quality of the Pulex squeegee, making it a practical tool that cuts cost by saving time.

Always innovating, IPC Pulex continues to regularly develop and manufacturer new state-of-the art glass cleaning products. Some of these new popular developments include the following:

  • The unique Cleano is an Ultra Pure Indoor system combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber to eliminate dirt and other contaminants quickly and effortlessly from glass and other non-porous surfaces.  The light and maneuverable system allows surfaces up to 16 feet to be cleaned comfortably from the ground.

  • The Microtiger is IPC Pulex’s new red and white woven microfibre cleaning cloth, which effectively removes dirt from glass, minimizing or eliminating the need for chemical cleaning agents, and minimizing effort. The Microtiger’s microfibers are one-hundred times finer than human hair, allowing them to penetrate the microscopic gaps in smooth surfaces, such as glass, and easily remove dirt. The red-colored fibers are soft abrasives, while the white fibers are absorbent, degreasing sections. Extensive testing has found that the Microtiger cloth fibers maintain their original characteristics even after extensive heavy-duty use.

  • The new TechnoDuo squeegee is two tools in one, combining the cleaning force of the MicroTiger washer with the quality of the Pulex squeegee, saving window cleaners time. It is especially useful when cleaning with telescopic poles.

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