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About the XERO Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kits

Take your water fed brush to the next level with this Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit. From extra hose and fittings to a boars hair brush, you'll have the right tools to get the job done. This kit is designed to get you the extra bits you want to make the most of your water fed pole.

The extra 100 feet of hose is perfect for extending your range on the job. Use the In-Line Shut-Off Valve or EZ Snap Quick Connect Set to attach this hose to your existing hose. Now you can move further without having to constantly move your system with you. And since you'll be able to travel further, you won't be right there to turn your system off so you can use the Uni-Valve to help conserve water. This valve sits inside your pole and a tug on the hose will turn off the flow of water to your brush.

Speaking of brushes, you get a 12 inch Tucker Boar's Hair Brush for those really gross and grimy windows. The boar's hair bristles are super aggressive and the four plumbed jets will blast away the dirt once you've agitated it. If there are still spots stuck on the window, you can utilize the XERO Contact Scrubber that sits opposite your brush on your standard angle adapter. Just flip your pole around and get to scrubbing.

This kit even has an Acme Tip Set so you could utilize your pole with traditional window cleaning tools like squeegees, stripwashers, and more. This pole tip slides into your pole instead of your Euro thread tip. Pick up this kit today to do even more cleaning with your water fed pole, even if it's not a XERO.

Everything Included:

  • Tucker Boar's Hair Brush - 12 Inch
  • XERO Premium Hose - 100 Feet (Color May Vary)
  • Tucker Swivel Gooseneck
  • Tucker Rinse Bar
  • XERO Contact Scrubber
  • XERO Acme Pole Tip Set
  • Male Quick Connect Push to Fit Set - 5/16 Inch
  • Unger On/Off Valve (color may vary)
  • EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
  • Y Push Fittings
  • T Push Fittings
  • Straight Push Fittings
  • In-Line Shut-Off Valve
  • Exceed Uni-Valve
  • Garden Hose Quick Connet Set x 2
  • XERO Fast Lock Brush Attachment

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  • Can I have 18 instead 12 inches

    No, unfortunately the kit comes as is.

  • Can I get an all Boar's hair brush ? instead of nylon or hybrid

    Yes, now Boar's hair comes standard in the kit.

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