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About the XERO Steel Wool Roll

Window Cleaning is a tough chore, even when you are a professional. You need to know the right technique and have the right equipment to remove stains on glass without damaging it. One of the best tools to clean windows is steel wool. With its grade 0000, this steel wool roll is super fine grade, making it perfect for cleaning glass and polishing wood, ceramics, or metal without scratching.

This steel wool roll is a bundle of fine and flexible steel filaments and can be used as an abrasive in polishing and finishing products.

It is great for cleaning windows as its abrasiveness can remove stubborn stains that can’t be removed by a cloth and a regular cleaning agent. Partnering the steel wool with a cleaning agent made specifically for glass will give you great results.

Buy in bulk and just rip off the amount you need for the job to ensure you always have some on hand and you never have to waste any. Each roll is about 100' when it's unrolled.

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  • What width is the material?

    It's about 4" wide.

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