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Regular price $10.99 USD
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About the XERO Sediment Pre Filter

XERO is coming at you with the combination sediment carbon filter. On the top, you have a standard sediment pre-filter, while the bottom features an all-natural coconut shell carbon pre-filter for an all-in-one component.

This filter fits 2.5" x 10" filter housings. It also has a high capacity to hold soil and needs to be changed just every two months. This filter is highly efficient and has a low-pressure drop. The unit comes in a sealed package to ensure it is safe from dirt and damage, so you can stock up and keep a few of them handy as you need them.

Removing chlorine is the most important thing for achieving pure water, and this filter removes chlorine before it even gets to your RO membrane.

Next time you're placing your filters, consider this sediment carbon combination filter for your multi-stage system from XERO.


Place the cartridge in an appropriate housing (end with rubber washer up) and flush for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use. Use only with microbiologically safe and adequately disinfected water.

Temperature Rating 40°F / 125°F

Max Working Pressure: 125 psi


  • Sealed for safe keeping
  • Fits 2.5" x 10" housings
  • High efficiency workhorse
  • Needs to be changed every two months
Manufacturer Part NumberUDF-10PF

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  • What size particulate is this rated to filter?

    This pre filter is rated for 5 micron.

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