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Regular price $99.00 USD
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About the XERO Reverse Hybrid Brush

Introducing the XERO Reverse Hybrid Brush, a remarkable fusion of boar's hair and nylon bristles that offers the perfect blend of performance. Similar to the XERO Hybrid, this innovative brush incorporates the benefits of both bristle types but with a reversed arrangement. The inner bristles are crafted from durable nylon and are of a shorter length. Meanwhile, the outer bristles are composed of boar's hair and are longer in length.

Discover how to choose your perfect brush configuration:

1. Size

12 Inch

The 12-inch Reverse Hybrid brush is lighter and easier to maneuver, making it perfect for residential window cleaning.

18 Inch

The 18-inch Reverse Hybrid brush is great for commercial cleans with more glass to cover. Although it can be slightly heavier when wet, you'll be able to clean larger areas faster and more efficiently.

2. Socket

Fast Lock

Choose the Fast Lock option to make changing out brushes quick and easy. This unique design features a square socket that accepts the XERO Fast Lock adapter and snaps in place with a spring button ensuring it won't come loose while cleaning. You can choose two different positions for your brush on the adapter, either horizontal or vertical.

Fast Lock Swivel

With the Fast Lock Swivel option, you have all the convenience of the Fast Lock and the brush can move side to side freely as you work.

Euro Thread

If you have not yet adapted to the XERO Fast Lock system, then opt for the Euro Thread socket to ensure seamless compatibility with your current cleaning setup.

3. Configuration


The 12-inch Reverse Hybrid Brush is equipped with two powerful pencil jets designed to blast and eliminate grime, while the 18-inch features four. They are plumbed up to a central fitting that connects to your water-fed pole hose to supply them with purified water.

Rinse Bar

XERO Reverse Hybrid Brush GifOpt for the rinse bar configuration if you prefer a constant stream of water over your entire brush. With the rinse bar option, your pole hose will connect to a single straight push fitting to supply water to the Rinse Bar. If you desire, you can always switch back to using the internally plumbed jets by just switching your hose connection over to the other push fitting.

*Hose color may vary


  • Features a blend of both nylon and boars hair
  • 12" or 18" sizes
  • Pencil jets or rinse bar option
  • Fast Lock, Fast Lock Swivel, and Euro Threaded socket options