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About the XERO Reverse Hybrid Brush

Introducing the XERO Reverse Hybrid Brush, a remarkable fusion of boar's hair and nylon bristles that offers the perfect blend of performance. Similar to the XERO Hybrid, this innovative brush incorporates the benefits of both bristle types but with a reversed arrangement. The inner bristles are crafted from durable nylon and are of a shorter length. Meanwhile, the outer bristles are composed of boar's hair and are longer in length.

This brush is available in a 12-inch option that features two pencil jets or an 18-inch option that has four. These powerful pencil jets deliver a strong, targeted stream of water to blast away stubborn grime and dirt effectively.

The XERO Hybrid Brush offers you the flexibility to select the socket that suits your preferred water-fed pole. If your pole has the XERO Fast Lock attachment, opt for the Fast Lock socket option. If you prefer more versatility, the Fast Lock Swivel option provides the same convenience while allowing for free motion from side to side. Alternatively, you can choose the Euro Thread option, which is designed for poles that use a Euro tip and a standard angle adapter.


  • Features a blend of both nylon and boars hair
  • 12" or 18" sizes
  • Pencil jets
  • Fast Lock, Fast Lock Swivel, and Euro Threaded socket options

*Hose color may vary



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  • Can I do solar panels with this brush?

    Yes, all water fed brushes we offer are safe for solar panels.

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