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About the XERO Replacement Complete Clamps

Accidents happen, so do broken clamps. But don't worry, the super affordable XERO Clamps let you fix up your pole quick. The XERO Pro Basic and XERO Micro Waterfed Poles feature these durable clamps. The lightweight bodies have a purple gripper to help cinch onto pole sections to prevent spinning. These clamps all bolt-on making swapping simple without the messy glue. Refer to the number on the side of the damaged clamp to find the appropriate replacement. These complete clamps include the lever. If you need some further guidance, reach out to one of our product specialists via the online chat or give them a call.


Inner Diameter of Clamps

# of Clamp Diameter, X Diameter, Y
#1 .77" .795"
#2 .895" .90"
#3 .995" .975"
#4 1.15" 1.11"
#5 1.215" 1.20"
#6 1.35" 1.315"
#7 1.445" 1.435"
#8 1.590" 1.55"
#9 1.665" 1.645"
#10 1.85" 1.795"
#11 2.035" 1.946"
#12 2.22" 2.096"


Ask a Question
  • Which clamp size would I get for the xero trad? I bought one used and it keeps sliding and Twisting.

    The XERO Trad pole uses clamps #1-5, so it depends on the section you're looking to replace. The top of the pole uses #1, while the bottom part uses #5.

  • Are these clamps used on the Xero Pro Ultra Light High Mod poles? The description doesn’t say so, but the link under the product takes you to this replacement clamp.

    Yes, the XERO Replacement Clamps are the same across all of our current XERO poles.

  • Do these clamps work for Xero trad poles ??


  • I’d like to use these clamps on an application involving 1-1/2” outside diameter tubing. Which size would fit that diameter tubing.

    Hi Stephen, WFP clamps have precise diameters, so they only fit the poles they are made for.

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