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About the XERO Pro Basic Replacement Section

Don't worry if you somehow broke or damaged a section on your XERO Pro Basic Pole. This full line of replacement sections allows you to easily swap out any section for a brand new one. Simply buy the section with the corresponding number to your broken one and replace it out for a quick and easy repair. These are made from the same quality carbon fiber and clamps as your original pole.


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  • I own a hero air pole and I wanted to see if your replacement sections would fit my pole

    We created the XERO trad pole, including the replacement parts, with 100% carbon fiber. The materials are much different, as the Hero Air is a fiberglass pole, so we would not recommend replacing a section with it. We created the XERO Trad pole on a bit of a whim and it immediately exploded into one of the best-sellers in our company. Other distributors saw this and then followed our lead. Go with XERO: - 3-year warranty and live support from people who will respond to you. - Owned and loved by hundreds of people - Modified and improved pole tip options - 12-footers come in a variety of colors WCR representatives are available all day to help get you set up. Let's do it! Call us: (862) 266-0677

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