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About the XERO HD Microfiber

The top-notch construction and attention to detail of XERO has now come to the exceptional XERO HD Microfiber towel.

This special knitted microfiber material is designed to provide streak-free cleaning for windows, glass, and mirrors. Detailing with this towel becomes a breeze, as it acts as a magnet to dust, dirt, and lint. Not only does this towel trap the dust within its crevices, but it holds onto it, so you can continue using it to buff out streaks without worrying about getting dust back onto the glass.

This towel comes in dark blue, gray, and pale pink to suit your preferences or match your brand. It is also 15.5" x 15.5", so large enough to throw over your shoulder where it won't fall off. The clingy material, too, will latch onto a wooden pole tip more securely than a smooth towel would.

In addition, this microfiber towel is extremely absorbent. If there is excess solution or water to pick up, it can hold its weight in water and stay effective to work with throughout the day. Furthermore, this versatile towel can be used to polish glass, mirrors, and plastics.

Take this highly absorbent, dust-trapping, streak-buffing towel for a turn and feel the XERO difference.


  • Close-knit microfiber captures lint and dust within its threads
  • High-quality material buffs out smudges
  • Streak-free results
T-204DGREY-01-16x16 T-204DBlue-01-16x16 T-204PINK-01-16x16
Manufacturer Part NumberT-204DGREY-01-16x16

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