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About the XERO Gasket Washer - 6 Pack

Need a replacement gasket for your hose? Grab these XERO Gasket Washers--one of WCR’s various selections of replacement parts and fittings. Get six rubber gaskets per pack so you won’t need to purchase a single washer every time.

Pesky leaks in your water systems are the last thing you need to get a good job done. Whether you’re a professional gardener or window cleaner, or simply a resident in need of a good gardening tool, you’ll need replacement gaskets for the hoses in your arsenal. Avoid making a mess of your job by inserting or replacing gaskets every now and then.

If you’ve been noticing leaks in your gardening hoses, your washers may have worn out over time. Disconnect every end of your hose connections, from the spigot to the hose and the reel to the nozzle, and place these gaskets on each end. You’ll find this product to be a lifesaver. They’re a cheap yet effective alternative to buying expensive new hoses and reels.

What is a hose gasket?

These are circular rubber washers placed around the inside of the hose’s mouth. Its rubber material stops water from leaking out of your hoses when a water source is turned on.

Our Tucker gaskets are made with high-quality rubber that fits most standard hoses. They’re perfectly designed with three small outer tabs. This feature keeps the washer in place and prevents it from falling out of the hose fitting.

Why get a new gasket for your hoses?

Water leaks in your hoses, or even a trickle every now and then, can cost you a fortune in the long-run. It’s especially a liability when you’re running a small business requiring a water source. Washers or gaskets wearing out or shrinking over time cause these inconveniences. If you’ve been experiencing leakage, be sure to check your washers and replace them with new ones. Our Tucker products make the perfect washer replacements for your fittings.



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    What is a soaker hose?

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