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About the XERO Deluxe Upgrade Kits

Is your basic waterfed pole just not cutting it (or should I say cleaning it)? If you need a more aggressive brush, longer hose, and more scrubbing power: you've come to the right place! The XERO Deluxe Upgrade Kit has everything you need.

The Deluxe Kit includes a range of new accessories for your waterfed pole. A 12-inch Boar's Hair Jetted Pencil Brush has aggressive cleaning power thanks to the stiff bristles and four jets. Use the XERO Contact Scrubber when stubborn spots are stuck on the glass. Use the extra hose to get more range from your pure water system. Connect it to your existing hose with the included push fittings. And the Uni-Valve can be tucked into your pole for water management. Turn off the flow to your brush when you don't need it.

For a complete list of accessories, see below.

Kit Includes:

  • Tucker 12 Inch Boar's Hair Pencil Jetted Brush
  • 100' Premium XERO Hose
  • XERO Contact Scrubber
  • EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
  • Straight Push Fitting
  • Premium 5/16" to Garden Hose Quick Connect Set
  • Unger On/Off Valve (color may vary)
  • Exceed Uni-Valve (color may vary)
  • Garden Hose Quick Connect Set x 2
  • XERO Fast Lock Brush Attachment

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  • Which size bronze wool pad holder is this coming with. Does it come with any pads as well ? Thanks Michael

    This comes with the 9" bar. It comes with one pad. Replacement pads are 6 x 9.

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