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Regular price $24.99 USD
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About the XERO Bucket Buddy

Upgrade your traditional game - and make a friend while you're at it - with the XERO Bucket Buddy. This convenient pail-pal locks onto the outer lip of your bucket to provide extra storage space for your tools while working. It can be easily removed when necessary to spray clean for next time, or to be taken and moved onto another bucket.

It is plentiful with space, providing 8" of depth and 10" of width for your stripwashers and squeegees to mingle freely. It's also reliable, like a real friend should be, and stays securely in place on your bucket throughout your workflow.

Utilize it as a dry container for your tools, brushes, and spray bottles. Two holes at the bottom allow excess water to drain from the bottom, keeping your tools cleaner throughout the day. Durable and roomy, this buddy will be yours for years to come. This bucket buddy also takes the weight off your belt, allowing you move through your work faster. Constructed in Germany with ultimate care means it's built to last through anything.


  • Keep your tools tidy and easy to access
  • XERO Bucket Buddy is snug on any 3.5-7 gallon bucket
  • Stay organized while giving yourself more space to work
  • Sturdy construction means this buddy isn't just a buddy - it's a BFF!
  • Made in Germany
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  • Hi guys do you know if the xero bucket buddy will fit on a bucket with a gamma style lid ring installed?

    Yes, it should be able to click onto the lip of the bucket with the gamma ring.

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