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About the Winsol Awning Fabric Spot Remover

Winsol Awning Fabric Spot Remover is designed to remove grease and tar from fabric awnings. The safe blend of emulsifiers and degreasers will also remove paint, ink, soot and bird droppings from fabric awnings. Pour a small amount directly onto the spot or stain and scrub gently with a soft brush or cloth then rinse clean. Use caution using this product on logos or lettering as it may remove or some artwork.

Comes in a 1 gallon jug.

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  • Does this product also remove mold/algae stains from a woven acrylic fabric awning?

    Nothing will remove mold aside from a bleach mixture. This spot remover will not

  • My awning on my camper. It seems on the underside from being rolled up it’s gotten stained from the color side of the awning as a color bleed. Will this product remove such a stain

    No, this will not resolve that issue.

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