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About the Wayne Utility Booster Pump - 110V

This easy-to-use 110-volt booster pump can be added in line with a pump-less pure water system to increase the water pressure by 40PSI. Made of cast iron, this pump has rubber impellers. When using a pump-less system incoming water pressure dictates how high water will travel through your water fed pole. Low pressure can limit you to 1 - 2 stories, adding this booster pump will increase low pressure by 40PSI allowing you to reach 3 - 4 stories with a water fed pole. The life expectancy of this pump with frequent use is about one year. Ships with garden hose threads for easy hookup. Power cord measures 8-feet long. The life expectancy of this pump with frequent use is about one year.


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  • Can this be used with a DI-only setup such as Unger hydropower, or do I need a three stage setup?

    Hello, it is not recommended because it makes the water pass through too quick and not purify completely.


  • So this pump will increase a static 60lb pressure to 100lb?

    Roughly, yes.

  • Does this pump require a tank? Or does it go inline before the purification system?

    It goes inline before the purification system.

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