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About the Wagtail Pivot Control Flipper

Be fast and efficient with this combination mop and squeegee tool. The Wagtail Pivot Control Flipper includes limiter pins and a Slimline channel. The high-quality microfiber pad flips under the blade for washing and flips back for squeegeeing while providing light lubrication.

The pivot has been positioned on top to allow for greater accuracy, smoother movement, and a customizable pivot. Make fast work of window cleaning by either hand or pole while still being precise. The Wagtail Pivot Control Flipper glides well and holds plenty of water without dripping. It comes with a rubber and a pad.

**Product design and colors may vary


  • Customizable pivoting handle to get your perfect angle
  • Reduced dripping with the microfiber pad
  • Designed for greater accuracy and smooth movement
  • Available in a 12" or 18" length

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  • Will this fit on a zero extension pole that has an unger tip?

    It will not click lock, but it will pressure fit just fine.

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